cream of the crop.

wow. so wednesday nights aren’t easy. kids are tired and worn out from school… parents are rushing to get their kids to church, so they can go to church. but when i tell you that anyone who isn’t bending over backwards to get their kids to trek at long hollow right now… is crazy. because it is ridiculous. ridiculously amazing.

literally multiple times during the evening and on thursday, emmy (my beloved assistant) and i marvel at God’s goodness. as we watch Carol lead the choir… dang! she makes music fun, exciting, and hopping.

as we listen to the men (matt malone and ryan hubbard) who are teaching the bible study lessons … we are just grateful that God doesnt see wednesday night as a second thought. he is bringing the cream of the crop together to create memorable evenings together.

here is one of our teachers: matt malone, teaching kids how to share the truth of the Bible: (i shot this on sunday where he teaches the 4-5th graders, but you get the idea)

then… we have BEN for worship. again… God’s best for his lhkidz. this college student drives an hour round trip each week to spend an hour leading our kids in authentic worship. this week he was out of town and our uber talented media specialist stepped up to lead and that too was amazing.

seriously grateful that God has been so gracious and abundant in our wednesday night stuff. the time kids spend with us, is well spent. it is worthy. that, is the goal. the purpose. the dream.

what area of your life can you see that God has given abundantly when something less would’ve been passable?

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