the offering song that wanted to be a salvation song

offering of worship (the salvation song)

So i wanted to write a song about how there are different  ways to give offerings…  I really wanted to have a song that would be an offering of worship… in the meantime, i had been wanting to write a salvation song for awhile.

yesterday, between worship experiences in treehouse i shared the beginnings of what i thought was an offering song with ben… and sang him a few notes…that he turned that into something so special. it was literally 5 minutes of magical…

then today by a wonderful act of God our schedules collided and we added the second verse, a wonderful bridge and wrapped it up… and it turned into the perfect salvation song…

i think because we were out of the way of it, but were wanting to write an offering of our own worship, the celebration of our own salvation came out… God was so kind to give us this song and wow… just can’t wait to share it.

are you so excited about your salvation that it oozes into all of your projects?

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