who ever heard of a youth group reunion? wack.

because… that’s where i am headed tomorrow.

my kids asked me about it, because they thought it was weird to have a reunion with your church friends and not your high school friends.

but really… who better to keep up with, than the people you will likely spend eternity with. where we will have an even bigger reunion.

it was called : S.A.L.T. – sharing abundant life with teens …

that was the name of my youth group from 6-10th grade at first baptist pompano beach and our fearless leader was bill cole.

tomorrow i will once again step into the gym (that i know will smell the same) where i went to lockins, made lifelong friends, watched people play basketball … skated… and i will see people that impacted my life over 20 years ago. we are going to spend the whole weekend hanging out and remembering why we loved each other to begin with. some will be missing, and that is a total bummer…

i watched my son at lunch yesterday with his youth pastor, and about 15-20 friends… i was so grateful. almost in tears at buffalo wild wings in my booth as i thought about the memories he is making and the people he is going to have in his life for eternity.

i’m too overwhelmed to write clearly or succinctly. you might say i’m kind of wrecked…

more on that later – but i wrote a song with ben today, about being wrecked.

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