did you see what robyn was wearing?

passing notes in church


this past weekend i had a reunion with my high school youth group. some of us were there. we came together to honor our leader, bill cole.

we ate together often, that’s what baptist people do.

we talked alot, that’s what friends do.

everyone… is pretty much the same. personalities just don’t change. it was so fun to laugh and hug these people that i’ve loved for so long.

we hung out and ate at nostalgic places, then we went to church together… when mark paul passed this note to ann baker and she added her two cents… we were all right back to being teenager.

it was hilarious. and wonderful. and i’m grateful to have these people in my life.

you see, when you have a friend that knows jesus… you have a friend for eternity. which makes every time you invest in the friendship, an eternal investment. i like that type of investment.

other stuff that i got to do:

worship at calvary chapel ft. lauderdale, listen to ravi zacharias, and share the super ninja gummy bear witnessing tool with their kidmin.  visit with chris and wendy lane, and their boys. especially their artist Jake 🙂

attend a beautiful funeral at fbc ft. lauderdale. the father-in-law of a dear friend went to heaven unexpectedly … it was a blessing to mourn with a different group of friends that i love so much. (edith, morris, mike, sarah, cam, dwight, susan, bob, candace, romney, john … so sad with you, but so glad to see you)

paddleboard with two of my childhood friends. i had been wanting to do that. (thanks jen and steph)

visit Church of the Glades and my kidmin friend Christopher Sykes. Got to have a little brainstorm session.

the best mexican lunch ever at la bamba.

visit with chris and wendy lane, and their boys. especially their artist Jake 🙂

icing on the cake was being picked up by kristen sisk (who knew all of the people and places i was bubbling over about when i got home because she’s from ft. lauderdale too).

my cup is overflowing… can’t wait to let it spill into some fun projects this week.

also – super glad to love nashville so much. it was a blessing to be able to keep telling people how much we love this wonderful place – and made it less sad to leave south florida.



One thought on “did you see what robyn was wearing?

  1. Ann Murphy says:

    Loved reading this and reminiscing. How great to see you on Friday. Come back to s.FL anytime. We miss you!

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