all about a broken heart

lhkidz have a heart campaign


our church is starting something huge and new this weekend… and our lhkidz will be a part of things.

we will be launching with a offering push to raise money for the heart care for one of our orphans in haiti.

this is near and dear to my heart- no pun intended – because i happen to have a “heart baby” myself.

blaikie, if you don’t know, had open heart surgery at 6 months old. she had amazing doctors, incredible prayer support, and is doing really really well… and we are exceedingly grateful. they warned us that “heart babies” are fiesty, because they have to work to survive… they were right.

but what if…… we didn’t know she had a fatal heart disease. or what if we did know but couldn’t afford to take her to a hospital. and what if we could take her to a hospital but we couldn’t afford the after care that is involved…. it would be a very different story.

it would be like samedy’s story. first… he was orphaned at birth. then, they didn’t know he was sick. when they found out he was sick, they still couldn’t care for him. he’s in that limbo right now… dr. exil has agreed to do the necessary surgery at vanderbilt children’s hospital at no cost which is insane and awesome and only-God. … but that doesn’t cover the living expenses, the follow up care expenses or anything else he will need. that’s where lhkidz come in. we get to bring offerings for this time. to heal his broken heart.

our prayer is that people would give generously… but while we are saving samedy’s physical heart … that spiritual hearts would be healed as well.

how’s your spiritual heart? are you heartbroken? there’s a solution for you… and it’s totally free.




One thought on “all about a broken heart

  1. Love you! Jackson will be so excited for this as we’ve talked about Samedy already in our home. Thank you for your work sweet Robyn!

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