they were band… tastic.


if you know me at all…then you already know how much i love these guys. they are college students. musicians. believers… and they spent their oct. 31 playing for our lhkidz county fair.

i promise you that is not what i was wanting to do when i was a senior in college… but i digress.

coolest thing, they were singing our sunday morning and wednesday night worship songs. 

now, kids were busy playing on jumps and doing games so they weren’t standing around listening, but i hear them singing along, and after it all, i heard one little boy say “thanks for the music” to ben.

this is what i love so much about ben, and thomas, alex and graylin… that meant so much to him too. 

these guys bring all of their brilliance and share it with kids. i love it when kids get the best, not the left overs!

ben and the super ninja gummy band … #kidminswag


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2 thoughts on “they were band… tastic.

  1. Carol says:

    Those guys are rock stars!

  2. Holly says:

    This brings joy to my heart!

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