two entirely different nights in one.


 tonite i went to two different writer’s night experiences. the first was to see my friend @1alishalynn … aka coach sheely’s wife, to my beech buccaneers friends. It was her first time to play live in Nashville. As I watched and listened to her and the other three writers, I was so stoked for them. They had made it… they were playing live in a city that so many dream of playing in.

then i went to douglas corner and watched another 20+ songwriters each sing two of their original songs. my friend josh wooten sang his two and it was wonderful. again, amazed by the courage it takes and the hard work it is for people to share their talents. 

it also hit me what a blessing church worship is for those who are lucky enough to lead in churches. you have a platform, and you have people that are listening… and you are sharing eternal truths. wow. 

also… only in nashville… that’s all. 

this is a wonderful place of art and music, creativity and opportunity. it was an honor to watch two friends do what they do. 

what can you do today to encourage someone you know in their gifts and talents? it matters.

2 thoughts on “two entirely different nights in one.

  1. cblaikie says:

    keep being a “barnabus” to your co-writer/sisters and brothers in Christ!! it’s a wonderful thing to have a platform but even nicer when someone is there to applaud and share with others!

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