you had me at “it’s a little more folk”

i wrote a christmas song with ben eggebrecht and cara dyba that i’m so thrilled with.  (you can download it here )Born to Set Me Free.

then my friends mondo grimes and jon hartman were kind enough to produce it.

alex edwards and ben e. played the guitars. mondo added percussion and mixed everything.

we didn’t have the keys added right away…

then i gave it to jason dyba… he added some keys and another little piano/bell type instrument (can’t remember the name) and some strings…

he said “It’s a little more folk than the other, but you won’t hurt my feelings if you’d rather stick with the original :-)”   HAHAHA….

dude… you had me at folksy.

i love how this tender christmas lullaby has been gently tended and cradled by different people, at different times… and has become this song that soothes my soul and puts me in the “Christ” part of the Christmas spirit. so grateful for everyone involved. it could’ve gotten bulky, but instead it is a precious blend.

One thought on “you had me at “it’s a little more folk”

  1. cblaikie says:

    Definitely in the CHRISTmas spirit!!!!…wonderful song…all the right touches!

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