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full frontal assault

full frontal assault

just got back from les mis with Quint.
we were enchanted.
it was a spiritual journey with truth spewing all over the place. it starts when jean valjean carries a wooden flag pole on his own back, like Jesus with the cross.
the characters go back and forth requiring mercy and forgiveness from each other. life-saving grace is extended more than once. selfless love is an overarching theme that touches every scene.

this week i tweeted that christmas songs make non-believing people to sing truth. well – every actor/singer in this movie, was part of a miracle. they were participating in a full frontal assault by God. Armed with truth about God, the bible, Jesus, heaven… the actors delivered God’s message over and over again… perhaps in spite of themselves.
i left with a prayer in my heart for those who will hear the message. God’s word will not return void, and through this movie and these songs, people are going to hear it. i pray that the truths the people on set sang and heard will be trapped in their hearts and do the work of our living God…

“to love someone else, is to see the face of God”

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wow. what we learned in 2012 in @lhkidz


it’s so important to reflect on the amazing things that God has done. it encourages us and shows us that his Word is indeed a living thing, as we realize that we are able to continue to find ways to share the truths in the Bible… 

i was talking to emmy (my beloved assistant) about ways to encourage our volunteers about the eternal nature of our work with the lhkidz, and decided to recall all that we have learned together. and wow!

as i was reviewing the things we have learned this year and i was thrilled to see that we covered some important ground, and really delved into the Bible with our lhkidz this year. we are so intentional about making sure they learn the stuff that will help them grow closer to Him. we want them to understand that they are loved so much, and that they are only able to love others when they know Him. We want them to be armed to share all the great things that God has done, so that others will know Him too.  I’m totally stoked about what we are going to be doing next year. we will launch with a study on the beattitudes, and then get into a major adventure with our life-saving Savior Jesus. 

this is where we travelled this past year:

hillsong: A Woman’s Perfume Sacrifice
hillsong: The Golden Calf: Exodus 32
hillsong: Paul, Silas and the jailer
hillsong: Joshua and the Wall of Jericho-Joshua 6
hillsong: Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37
hillsong: Boy, Fishes and Loaves – John 6:1-14
hillsong: Creation story – Genesis 1-2
hillsong: The Least of These – Matthew 25:35-45
ishine: Heaven is a Real Place: John 14:2
ishine: Even When I’m By Myself I’m Never Alone: Matthew 28:20b
ishine: It’s Cool to Be Who God Made You : Matthew 22:37 (love the lord your god with all your heart,soul and mind)
ishine: The Great Commission is our Mission: Matthew 28:19

Palm Sunday Story
Easter Story

ishine: The Bible Every Day Shows the Right Way : Psalm 119:105
ishine: Pray to Stay Connected to God : Philipians 4:6
ishine: We must forgive because we have been forgiven: Matthew 18:22
ishine: We love because we are loved: Luke 6:27 (love your enemies)
ishine: God is totally worth our worship: John 4:23
ishine: Act your Age: 1 Timothy 4:12
ishine: Stand Up for What you Believe: Joshua 1:7
ishine: We have to spend time with people to show that we love them.: 1 john 4:19
ishine: Love Your Family: Gen 42:3-4 (Joseph’s family)
ishine: Jesus Came for Everyone: Thief on the Cross, Luke 23:29-43
ishine: God’s Love Never Changes: Zacchaeus-Luke 1: 1-19
ishine: Life is Dangerous Without God: Book of Jonah
ishine: God Wants What’s Best for Us: Jeremiah 29

Experiencing God:
-the word of god is living and active, hebrews 4:12
-call to me and i will answer you, jeremiah 33:3
-trust in the lord with all your heart, prov. 3:5-6
Crazy Amazing:
-Samson (Our Strength Comes from God, Phil 4:13)
-Talking Donkey (Trust God and Obey Him, Prov. 3:5-6)
-Jesus the Miracle Worker (Acts 2:22)
-Paul and Silas, The Escape Artists

Fundamentalz: Salvation: John 14:6: Roman Road, John 3:16
Fundamentalz: Baptism: Matthew 3:13-17
Fundamentalz: Communion: 1 Corinthians 11:23-34
Fundamentalz: Devotion: 1 Timothy 4:11-16
Fundamentalz: Evangelism: Matthew 28:16-20

Crazy Amazing Prophets
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Habakkuk : Habakkuk 1-3
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Elijah and the Widow : 1 Kings 17:7-24
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal: 1 Kings 18:16-46
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Elisha and the Floating Axe Head : 2 Kings 6:1-22
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Ezra: Nehemiah 8
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Jeremiah
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Ezekiel: Ezekiel 2
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Isaiah: Isaiah 6
Crazy Amazing Prophets: Malachi: Malachi 3:6-12

My Christmas Family Tree: Enoch and Noah – Gen. 6
My Christmas Family Tree: Abraham/isaac/Sarah – Genesis 12
My Christmas Family Tree: Rahab/Boaz/Ruth – Book of Ruth
My Christmas Family Tree: Jesse/David/Solomon
My Christmas Family Tree: Uzziah : 2 Chronicles 26:1-23
My Christmas Family Tree: Josiah : 2 Chronicles 34:1-35:19
My Christmas Family Tree: Jesus: Luke 1:26-38, 46-56, 2:1-20

not to goad you or anything…

bag of photo props for family fun

bag of photo props for family fun

carol goad gave us this amazing christmas gift was a handmade bear bag, filled with photo props. ughhhh why didn’t i think of that!! brilliant. i love it.

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the only thing i know…

…is that God is the only thing that remains the same. and He is good all the time.

Even in the torment of watching evil do it’s evil work. 

I am anguished, devastated with and for the families that lost their children today.

I don’t know how people deal with things like today, that don’t have God and know His son.

People who have said they don’t believe in God… will blame Him. They will talk about Him. They will ask Him why this happened.

Will they realize this is their admission that He is real. And we know that He has the power to defeat evil. That He is sovereign.

I’m praying that as people engage Him just to complain, that they will realize that they know He is there. And that they will let Him be the comforter – as only He can. 

God… you are good all the time. You just are. And I don’t understand today at all. 

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christmas card big reveal – couldn’t wait

joshua clark photography did us so right on this christmas card photo shoot

joshua clark photography did us so right on this christmas card photo shoot

i wanted to wait for the big reveal of our christmas card… but i can’t. i’m too excited about them… i love when an idea comes alive… here is an example of that happening.

joshua clark photography does it again

joshua clark photography does it again


can’t bear it. amazing photo of blaikie

blaikie with a bear, by joshua clark photography

blaikie with a bear, by joshua clark photography


I really wanted to wait for our christmas cards to go out… but OH MY GOSH…. this photo is going to be one of my favorites for the rest of my life, i’m sure of it.

so thankful for Josh Hendrick and his talents, friendship and love for our family. you can see it in this photo, he loves her.

and wow. me too. yummo.

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the last straw.

everybody loves the camel song

everybody loves the camel song

blaikie with coconut percussion

blaikie with coconut percussion


as you know we had our lhkidz choir musical this past weekend. i’m still celebrating how great it went… but i wanted to highlight one of my favorite moments.


there is a christmas song that i dearly love, The Camel Song by Randall Goodgame. I love this song for multiple reasons. it’s just good music, first of all. secondly, it’s funny. and most of all it’s this one line: it says “don’t be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, be the straw that feeds the camel”.

i love that. it’s so simple, but it’s never been said like that before, that i’ve heard. but seriously… i wanna do that. NOT be the straw that breaks the camel’s back… but i DO wanna be the straw that feeds the camel…

i wanna be a blessing. not a pain. gonna look for ways to do that.

thankful for randall goodgame and this wonderful christmas song.

ps: notice the coconut percussion ala monty python and the holy grail. it was ah-mazing!!!!!!

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participating in a miracle.

Carol directed the singing.I wrote and directed the show. Emmy kept it all together. Boom!

Carol directed the singing.
I wrote and directed the show. Emmy kept it all together. Boom!

Oh what a night.

We finally had our lhkidz choir christmas musical, Walk of Love.

With songs from the Christmas Shoe Tree Musical by Jeff Slaughter (Can’t Stop the Shoes, Christmas Wrappin’, Heaven and Nature Medley and Walk of Love) , and a song by Randall Goodgame (The Camel Song), a song from childhood (I Just Wanna Be a Sheep) and a song I wrote with Ben and Cara (Born to Set Me Free)

and a story about a group of kids that are tired of hearing the “lesson” in everything only to discover that one of their friends has never taken a walk of love to Jesus…

the lhkidz choir was on an evangelistic mission. we were fully aware of the warfare that was going to challenge us. we were prayerful every practice and in our performance that we would point people to the truth about Jesus. we were intentional about singing our testimony and evangelism… before the performance tonite i told them “this is it guys, we’re going to battle. you are going to sing your testimony and ask people to follow Jesus in their own walk of love. we are going to witness, give our testimony by the words we sing. Jason Underhill wrapped the show by asking if anyone in the audience wanted to take their own  Walk of Love to Jesus.

The kids were amazing… and the women leading them, well, i just couldn’t be more grateful. (carol goad was our fearless choir director and dianne schneider taught and directed our choreography)

the cold cut homies made a special appearance in our videos and in our live show! swag!

as for MEDIA: …. Greg Saffles delighted us with some rockin’ black light action, as well as other loveliness. Tyler Hirth and Emmy Hendrick made sure the videos and lyrics rolled when they were supposed to roll, and the cameras were zooming in on the beloved faces of our choir members. Jeremy Brown managed all of our audio needs with his expert-ness (i’m sure that’s a word). Beau Hoffman served as our adult actor in the filmed portions, as well as providing accompaniment for the sheep song… Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman and Chris Long shot the videos for our drama element and Dakota Diel edited the pieces together. Not to mention the organization on the front end, and along the way, by Jason Dyba. Talk about your team effort!

for the performance, parents and families … friends and supporters filled the room with excitement and participation. Many of our treehouse hosts were there, rooting on the kids that come to their treehouses.

it was a spectacular evening. Our next generation minister, Jeff Lovingood, was cheering us on… as well as David landrith, Lance Taylor, Derek Hazelet and Jordan Easley. Our women’s minister, Julie Woodruff was there… it was such a blessing to share this experience with so many people in our church.

i can’t believe i get to do this for my job. find as many ways as i possibly can to tell the eternal story of christ… i have been amazed lately, by God’s kindness to allow me to participate in some of His miracles. I love my job. So much.

Can’t wait to start working on the next one! After I get everything ready for Sunday… and then wednesday… and… well- you get the drift.

What miracles are you participating in right now?


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