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so those are the crown jewels…

Imageman, i love this place… nashville. this store… this whole area. just love it. 

my friend marcy is making the most gorgeous hand-painted cowboy boots… they are something to see. works of art. we got to spend the day planning how to brand this exciting new project. 

i have been a photographer off and on over the years – and i like it, for sure, but it is not my passion or favorite thing that i get to do… so i called an expert! josh hendrick (who took our family christmas portraits) met us and we took all 9 pairs of boots and ourselves off to Gruhn Guitars. Every musician we talked to told us that was THE place to go … after awhile shooting on the main level, the amazing people at Gruhn invited us to go upstairs … to the “inner sanctum” … the instruments that we encountered in this room were astounding…  price tags were shocking, but even more than that the history that was represented in this room! it was an honor, and privilege to hang out here, and it was honestly – a place worthy of the genius of the boots… wait until i can show you the boots! wow!! 

we were all a little quiet while we navigated the room because we didn’t want to mess anything up, but also, we recognized the sacred nature of the moment… and soaked it in. marcy said it best, “i feel like we just saw the crown jewels of nashville”.

so grateful to Gruhn for allowing us to hang in their space.

so grateful to Josh for taking over the photography tasks into his much more capable hands. 

so grateful to get to help my friend bring her dream to life.

so grateful i got to see the crown jewels of nashville 🙂

more than any of that, so grateful to spend time with my amazing artistic as-scattered-as-me friend! 


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This weekend we changed that.

lhkidz treehouse logo

lhkidz treehouse logo

last week while putting the finishing touches on the script for the weekend worship experience in treehouse it hit me. we don’t offer an opportunity to respond to the truth we are so diligent to teach every week. we tell them about a Savior. Heaven. Jesus. Eternity. Sin. Forgiveness. Redemption. Love. We do this all the time. We speak the gospel unapologetically every week… but we don’t always ask if anyone wants to respond. we don’t offer them a chance to say “yes”.

we do have frequent weeks that we identify as “this one is a salvation message, so let’s give them a chance to respond” … but not every week. what if a kid is only there once? and what if we didn’t tell them how to say yes to Jesus… Understand, i believe that God is going to do his work regardless of whether we do ours… the question is whether or not we get to participate, experience His work with him. Have we been missing opportunities to be part of his reaping… Have we cost children the access to eternity by not giving them a chance to say yes.

This weekend we changed that. We decided to give them a chance whenever they are here, and they hear the gospel … to say yes. Yesterday… 35 kids said yes to Jesus.

Understand me, these are not kindgergartners or 1st graders. We didn’t ask them, because we want to make sure they aren’t making a decision to please us, younger kids can do that sometimes, but rather because they want to enter into life with Jesus.

Also… this was not an emotional, mountain top experience… this was straight-up spiritual leaders (hosts and small group teachers) leading the kids in their care to the Savior.

And that… wrecks me.

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we will not all sleep…

something for a nursery wall. makes me laugh in that context... but is also encouraging in the context of the Bible...

something for a nursery wall. makes me laugh in that context… but is also encouraging in the context of the Bible…

we will not_girl we will not all sleep

it just feels write.

one of my song writing journals. photo by joshua hendrick

one of my song writing journals. photo by joshua hendrick

songwriting has changed my life.

i’ve been a writer forever. literally. i don’t remember a time that i wasn’t writing.

but when God put a burning desire in my heart to write songs, he gave me an unexpected gift that keeps on giving.

to write a song with a specific message to teach an eternal lesson… i don’t have words for how grateful i am for this.

to write a song that captures a new way to communicate an important thought or convey a feeling…. there is nothing like it.

i love songwriting because i know that people will remember what they sing… they don’t remember what people say, usually – but they do remember songs. you know? music creates emotion and connectivity that takes us someplace that  nothing else can do. (this is especially crucial with praise and worship songs)

when david wanted to talk back to God he used songs… it has to be because what he felt was too big for just words.

i started songwriting last february after i got back from haiti. gerald trottman told me he believed it was time.

since then i have written with a beautiful collection of songwriters… and i couldn’t be more grateful.

gerald trottman

curt campbell

jason dyba

cara dyba

jordan reynolds

josh wooten

jake hartsfield

ben eggebrecht

alisha sheely

randy finchum

beau hoffman

max barns

listen to some of the songs at

the picture doesn’t even begin to tell the story

nashville area kidmin christmas gathering.

nashville area kidmin christmas gathering.

because how would you guess that this picture represents a network of about 120 members… these are kid ministers from all over the nashville area.

we have a group that was started about a year and a half ago… give or take. and we meet monthly to encourage each other, get new ideas and basically to remind ourselves that we are all on the same team. we are all teaching the truth of Jesus Christ to the kids in our care. we are not in competition. we are not jealous or envious. we are fully supportive of one another’s efforts. and we are blessed.

i don’t know of other cities that have similar communities, but they should!

it’s so good to drive past a church that isn’t yours and feel connected to it, because you know the person there that is doing your same job. it is great to know that the kids we aren’t reaching have other people nearby to tell them the gospel.

i love this group of people. this year at christmas we painted ornaments, then wrote the name of our church on the back. each person picked a different ornament than their own, and commited to pray for that church for the next year (or indefinitely). so, i pray for Rolling Hills Baptist Church, i got their ornament. i posted a question to ask who had been praying and within 4 minutes, 3 people have already responded with the name of the church they are praying for.

that’s what it’s all about friends. working together for the good of the gospel. holding each other up in prayer.

i love it. that’s worthy networking.

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a B attitude.

props from You Are Blessed video shoot

props from You Are Blessed video shoot

on the off chance that you didn’t see it in a tweet, on my facebook or in an email, i wanted to post a link to my new music video.

a few weeks ago when we decided we wanted to teach the Beatitudes to start the year, i really wanted a song that would allow kids to learn the songs.

so beau picked up a guitar and we got writing… we read multiple versions of the bible and found different ways to communicate them. because they aren’t simple. they require explanation, they dont use words that are typically used to describe things. once we ran across the phrase “all heaven applauds” we knew what to do. mostly.

so… beau made some recordings.

i recorded some scratch vocals using my phone over the recording to send to jeremy.

jeremy, beau and josh performed and recorded the instruments. jeremy made them wonderful.

yesterday, brooke recorded the vocals with jeremy (i’m in there for the ‘hey hey hey’). last night jeremy sent me the song.

this morning i talked to emmy and made a plan for the video… was planning to use my phone camera because i didn’t have a video camera. talked to dyba about background, and he said brian zimmerman would be available to help instead (he shuddered at my phone suggestion)

emmy and i got the props ready. at 3:15 brian shot the video. at 5:00 i uploaded a completed lyric video to the dropbox for use on all of our campuses! whew! what an awesome turn of events.

thought you might find it interesting. i’m just standing here in awe of God and friends that made so much effort to coordinate the details of this project.

it is scripture, so it will not return void. YEA! I love that.


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