it just feels write.

one of my song writing journals. photo by joshua hendrick

one of my song writing journals. photo by joshua hendrick

songwriting has changed my life.

i’ve been a writer forever. literally. i don’t remember a time that i wasn’t writing.

but when God put a burning desire in my heart to write songs, he gave me an unexpected gift that keeps on giving.

to write a song with a specific message to teach an eternal lesson… i don’t have words for how grateful i am for this.

to write a song that captures a new way to communicate an important thought or convey a feeling…. there is nothing like it.

i love songwriting because i know that people will remember what they sing… they don’t remember what people say, usually – but they do remember songs. you know? music creates emotion and connectivity that takes us someplace that  nothing else can do. (this is especially crucial with praise and worship songs)

when david wanted to talk back to God he used songs… it has to be because what he felt was too big for just words.

i started songwriting last february after i got back from haiti. gerald trottman told me he believed it was time.

since then i have written with a beautiful collection of songwriters… and i couldn’t be more grateful.

gerald trottman

curt campbell

jason dyba

cara dyba

jordan reynolds

josh wooten

jake hartsfield

ben eggebrecht

alisha sheely

randy finchum

beau hoffman

max barns

listen to some of the songs at

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