so those are the crown jewels…

Imageman, i love this place… nashville. this store… this whole area. just love it. 

my friend marcy is making the most gorgeous hand-painted cowboy boots… they are something to see. works of art. we got to spend the day planning how to brand this exciting new project. 

i have been a photographer off and on over the years – and i like it, for sure, but it is not my passion or favorite thing that i get to do… so i called an expert! josh hendrick (who took our family christmas portraits) met us and we took all 9 pairs of boots and ourselves off to Gruhn Guitars. Every musician we talked to told us that was THE place to go … after awhile shooting on the main level, the amazing people at Gruhn invited us to go upstairs … to the “inner sanctum” … the instruments that we encountered in this room were astounding…  price tags were shocking, but even more than that the history that was represented in this room! it was an honor, and privilege to hang out here, and it was honestly – a place worthy of the genius of the boots… wait until i can show you the boots! wow!! 

we were all a little quiet while we navigated the room because we didn’t want to mess anything up, but also, we recognized the sacred nature of the moment… and soaked it in. marcy said it best, “i feel like we just saw the crown jewels of nashville”.

so grateful to Gruhn for allowing us to hang in their space.

so grateful to Josh for taking over the photography tasks into his much more capable hands. 

so grateful to get to help my friend bring her dream to life.

so grateful i got to see the crown jewels of nashville 🙂

more than any of that, so grateful to spend time with my amazing artistic as-scattered-as-me friend! 


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One thought on “so those are the crown jewels…

  1. Hey Beautiful Ladies!!! I love Marcy’s boots. So awesome to see y’all

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