i heard the voice of God today

kind of.

this is what happened.

we are in the midst of practicing for the drama portion of our new musical.

we are filming it on Saturday. Awesome!

BUT… the person that was supposed to play the part of “pastor” … is going to be in Uganda. What to do?!

Sharon, one of our ministry assistants walked by and it reminded me of her husband Paul. Paul is a singer, who serves in our worship team and brings his excellence to long hollow… and as you might imagine, he has a beautiful voice. I asked her to ask if he would join us on Saturday in the “pastor” role.

well… we started our rehearsal, and it was great. the kids are killing it in their parts! they get the characters and they know how to deliver the lines.

i had  been reading the part of “pastor” for the sake of our rehearsal… then PAUL got there!

first, let me explain that i have  been laboring over this script for months. with intense attention to detail and making sure that there is not ONE extra word, and not ONE word that we are missing. I really like to make sure that we are crystal clear in our messaging, while keeping it interesting.

In the climax of the show, the characters are finally being told where they were missing the mark… (the premise of the musical is that we are meant to share Jesus with others, and there are several things that we do, as Christians that we think are “sharing” but really aren’t.) I had edited the lessons down to these single sentence responses. Well, when i was reading them in our table read tonite, i was concerned that the responses didn’t convey enough gravity, didn’t quite teach what I wanted to teach. I was concerned that the lessons weren’t being delivered because of the succinctness of the lines, and wondered if I needed to add more.

THEN PAUL READ THE LINES… and I almost cried. His deep Island-flavored voice delivered the lines with such depth and gravity that the lessons were delivered perfectly.

When I said the sentences they were functional, when Paul delivered the lines they were sermons. They were shared with love and intensity, just by the tone of his voice. I literally felt like I was hearing the voice of God.

here is an example of what I mean:

Tory says “I showed him love, I gave him my milk and he didn’t even ask me about Jesus.”

Pastor paul says “People that don’t know Jesus, aren’t going to ask you about Jesus. You have to tell them.”

BOOM! Man, I’m still wrecked by God’s goodness when he gave us Paul to deliver this message… it is now what it is meant to be. And I’m humbly grateful.

What happened in your life today to make you grateful for God’s goodness?

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One thought on “i heard the voice of God today

  1. Sharon says:

    That is Awesome! To GOD be the Glory!!

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