here is why i’m geeking out about vbs!

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You know, VBS is always a fun time, and we have done some great ones with our lhkidz… but this year… I can’t even explain to you how excited I’m getting. It’s going to be amazing.

We really love missions at long hollow. There are constantly trips heading around the world to share the truth of Jesus. There are also contant local missions going on. We take our job to spread the gospel to the world very seriously. To that end… we have been planning an amazing week for the kids that are going to be with us for vbs.

I can’t quit talking about it (apologies to those who cross my path anytime soon). We are partnering with the @longhollowgo team to bring the stories and realities that they face when they GO to our kids.

Our world tour is going to take us to the orphanages and opportunities that we are participating all over the world.  our message to the world, GOD LOVES YOU, so much that he sent his son for you.

After talking to Erica Ho this week, I got even more excited, and I realized something.

I’ve been writing VBS lessons for our missions teams for almost 1.5 years. The team wanted to be strategic about what we are teaching kids, and intentional about not repeating the same old stories. The lessons they have been getting are geared toward their circumstances (which are much different than american kids – for example, you can’t use a lot of examples of parents and siblings, traditional schools, and the other stuff that we normally use to teach our kids), and they have become discipleship lessons, not only evangelism. Of course we share the need for salvation, we are always talking about that, but we get to go deeper. These are our kids.

anyway… every team that goes to haiti or uganda, and even our student mission trips teaches a VBS experience. with that being said… I’m going to be recruiting and pushing our long hollow go team members to join us for VBS here at home. Let’s call it on-the-job training. You have a mission field every day. Come serve in it. If you haven’t participated in VBS before, now is the time. Learn how to lead kids to Christ. Learn how to teach the truths of the Bible in clear terms that anyone could understand. Participate in the miracles God is doing here at home, and take the lessons that you learn out into the world.

That’s what our kids are going to be learning at this years GOD LOVES YOU WORLD TOUR VBS EXPERIENCE.

And I just can’t wait!! Trust me when I tell you the lessons are going to change your life. The opportunity to see the lost be found, and then watch them grow… well, that’s my daily blessing. I don’t want anyone to miss it.

Now, if you don’t live here and go to Long Hollow, you are not off the hook. VBS is your local mission trip.

Have you Signed yourself up for this mission trip at your church? Don’t wait.

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