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the shirt off my back and a recent epiphany


i have seen something that i can’t wait to share.

i love when excellence reigns where God resides.

My friend, extraordinary singer/songwriter (and more importantly human being) Randall goodgame has wrapped all of his talent, wisdom and knowledge around the inerrant word of God. He has taken some beautiful lessons from God and surrounded them with melody and timing that give them yet a new life… God’s word is a living thing.*

He has honored God with the choice to make an entire album of songs, with scripture-only verses and chorus. And thank the LORD… because it’s freaking awesome.


TWO SHIRTS is a song about serving others. It is about what is really important in eternity. It teaches selflessness, love and sharing. The enchanting melody places it firmly in your mind and heart, where it can change you from the inside out. I’m so thankful to have this song in the hard drive of my mind, to recall when I’m struggling with any of these things, and so grateful that my kids will have it too.



(luke 3:11)

anyone who has two shirts, should share with the one who has none.

anyone who has food should do the same

(mark 9:35)

anyone who wants to be first, must be the very last

and the servant of all, the servant of all


(matthew 6:19-21)

do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth

where moth and rust destroy

where theives break in and steal

store up for yourselves treasures in heaven

for where your treasure is, there your heart will be

*my recent epiphany:

i was talking to a friend about my job. i’m a kids creative minister. i usually say “i get to find as many ways as i possibly can to tell an eternal story that everyone already knows.” what hit me when i was talking to my friend is that the bible really is a living thing. how else could we continue to find new ways to share it’s truths? it’s a mindblowing realization to me.

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dont burst my balloon…

Imagethese balloons weren’t actually for me… but since they were part of the good friday experience we had a couple of weeks ago – on my birthday – it was a good time for a pic. who doesn’t love balloons!

speaking of good friday – i’ve talked about this a little bit online, but wanna capture my whole thought… my pastor (who is in recovery from his surgery yesterday) loves us so much. he planned something for our church staff family that i have never known of another group doing (i’m sure they have, i just don’t know about it). he planned a brunch for our staff families on good friday, then we went together to the first of our 21 services that would be coming over the Easter weekend experience. 

how brilliant – we were about to be spent emotionally and spiritually by an arduous schedule, in the most important weekend of the church year – so we got together to prepare for the battle ahead by loving each other. 

it makes so much sense to prepare for battle like that. don’t you think?

what ways do you prepare yourself for battle each day? each week? for big things. 

understand this… there is an enemy that does not want the story of hope and eternal salvation to be spread, he is going to go against you. you must be prepared to fight.

cue the fight song : long hollow kids :

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what is a sister cousin?



what is a sister cousin?

well, it’s not a sister-wife. it kind of looks like this:

4 blondes. growing up with no siblings could’ve been lonely.

being a grown up with no siblings, frankly, even lonelier.

except for this: my mom was a master at making sure i stayed connected to my cousins. we spent
a lot of holidays and vacations going to wherever they happened to be. we stayed in each other’s lives because our moms are sisters, and they stayed connected. so, over the years the girls: Kimberly, Teri and Lindsay have called me a “sister” and treated me like it.

but they took it to whole “nutha” level this past week, in celebration of my 40th birthday.

before i say how, please indulge me as i spend a minute on the idea of growing up lonely as an adult – as you lose a parent (which i did several years) you start to realize you’re eventually gonna be the only one left behind in your immediate family.

you are the only person that has that parent-child relationship with a parent that is gone, so no one misses them the same way you do or knows them like you do. it’s very lonely-feeling. you don’t have anyone that is equally dealing with your loss, no one to sit in your specific sadness with. it’s just, really sad.

interestingly, my sister-cousins lost their dad, the year before i lost mine. this gave us definitely a more simliar understanding of each other’s pain and loss. it also, i believe chrystalized our bond. we had walked through the same loss.

this year, when i was about to turn 40 – the girls called and said that they were coming and we were gonna have a sister’s weekend.

as someone with no sisters, i’ve of course, never had one of these. (it’s kind of crazy that in 40 years, we have never done this before) – but they came to town… and boy did we have make a memory!

we started off laughing… and ended up laughing. it went a little something like this:

i checked into our hotel, as they were still on the way. when they arrived, Teri said “oh no, this isn’t how we’re welcoming 40 in!” after 30 minutes of jokes about a hotel that might you rent by the hour, etc. etc. The problem was, that the hotel was across from the general lee museum, but you could SEE Gaylord Opryland from the outside facing door of our hotel/motel room. The girls were not having that. They wanted to go across the street. (i’m not picky, because i was just astounded that they came all the way from louisiana and texas to be with my for 36 hours… didn’t really care where we were). However… I was more than thrilled to send a text to my friend Carla Burleson and ask her husband for help.

JB Burleson (the dad of one of Jackson’s best friends) saved the day… he called the hotel and arranged an amazing rate for a 2 night stay at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. I think my cousin Teri said “I love JB” no less than 20 times and … she was of course not talking about Justin Beiber. Our room was glorious, with a patio overlooking the Cascades conservatory. It just made everything we did more special.

-i had checked out what was going on in nashville and was thrilled to find out the Time Jumpers (kenny sears, dawn sears, vince gill, jeff taylor, joe spivey, larry frankly, paul franklin, ranger doug, andy reiss, billy thomas) were performing at 3rd and Lindsley. We ended up with the most perfect table, and my cousins almost died when they heard the talent in that small room. it’s just ridiculous… but only in nashville!.

-the next day we ate at the pharmacy, which was divine as usual. we shopped in the hillsboro village area. we visited a friend of mine from college, who now works at belmont – and checked out the campus – deciding that at least 3 of our collective children should go to school there one day. dinner at mafiozas where we ran into Thomas Bain (one of my favorite people, that i was thrilled for them to meet), went to see Jordan Reynolds (someone i co-write with occasionally, that i also wanted them to meet) play at The Basement.

-then they left. their gifts were: a clock, a compass in a treasure box, and a welcome sign.

i thought how fitting:

they travelled to see me (compass)

they took the time (clock)

they are my home, my family (welcome sign)

i have never felt so sister-loved…

i might have to write a song about that!



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to a mom friend …

Imagegotta brag on your son for a minute… and also Tom Eggebrecht you’ll want to hear this. this weekend, one of our kids said yes to Jesus. (backstory: her parents are friends of mine from high school) tonite at long hollow she ran up to me and said “mrs. robyn, will you make sure you tell ben that i said yes to jesus this week?” i said “he’ll be so excited” – your son is such a blessing to Long Hollow Children’s Ministry he gives every wednesday and sunday to kids, and teaches them to worship. our kids are connecting with God in a real way, and we are seeing them make eternally important decisions. Man, I know you are proud of him, and so am I. What an amazing man he is becoming. Thanks for sharing Him with us, and praying for him – it’s clear that He is prayed for… it matters.  We are in a spiritual battle, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have Him wielding the sword of truth with us.

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she dropped the bomb on me…

the bomb-diggety


can you even stand it? this entire chair was yarn-bombed by emmy and her mom, for my 40th birthday.

it has a special diet coke piece, a couple of bears because i love bears, it has my name… it’s just divine. i can’t quit thinking about it. and loving it. even the red and black plaid on the right leg (i love that lumberjack plaid). i also love hearts (ever since blaikie had heart surgery at 6 months, i’ve been drawn to them)

this chair is a picture of being known, and being loved.

what ways can you show someone today that you love them and know them, and have been paying attention to who they are? because you know what? it feels really good.

come visit my office sometime, and check out my

“love chair.”