she dropped the bomb on me…

the bomb-diggety


can you even stand it? this entire chair was yarn-bombed by emmy and her mom, for my 40th birthday.

it has a special diet coke piece, a couple of bears because i love bears, it has my name… it’s just divine. i can’t quit thinking about it. and loving it. even the red and black plaid on the right leg (i love that lumberjack plaid). i also love hearts (ever since blaikie had heart surgery at 6 months, i’ve been drawn to them)

this chair is a picture of being known, and being loved.

what ways can you show someone today that you love them and know them, and have been paying attention to who they are? because you know what? it feels really good.

come visit my office sometime, and check out my

“love chair.”


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