dont burst my balloon…

Imagethese balloons weren’t actually for me… but since they were part of the good friday experience we had a couple of weeks ago – on my birthday – it was a good time for a pic. who doesn’t love balloons!

speaking of good friday – i’ve talked about this a little bit online, but wanna capture my whole thought… my pastor (who is in recovery from his surgery yesterday) loves us so much. he planned something for our church staff family that i have never known of another group doing (i’m sure they have, i just don’t know about it). he planned a brunch for our staff families on good friday, then we went together to the first of our 21 services that would be coming over the Easter weekend experience. 

how brilliant – we were about to be spent emotionally and spiritually by an arduous schedule, in the most important weekend of the church year – so we got together to prepare for the battle ahead by loving each other. 

it makes so much sense to prepare for battle like that. don’t you think?

what ways do you prepare yourself for battle each day? each week? for big things. 

understand this… there is an enemy that does not want the story of hope and eternal salvation to be spread, he is going to go against you. you must be prepared to fight.

cue the fight song : long hollow kids :

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