when you’re “GREAT FULL”, not grateful.



I made a typo today … i wrote great full instead of grateful – ha. then i realized, i really am GREAT because I’m FULL from the conference.

full of new information and ideas.

full of encouragement and excitement. 

and so glad that i was able to attend. 

i told one of the other participants that i was a children’s creative minister… after a pause she asked “how many people go to your church?” i said “oh, do you think it’s weird that  a church would send a children’s minister to a leadership conference?” she said “yeah”. 

that got me thinking…  we all lead someone. so we all need to learn how to do it better. and not just better, but best.

i lead kids. by virtue of that i am also leading parents. in addition, i’m leading our team with jason. and then… i get to lead our volunteers. that’s alot of different relationships, with alot of different needs and nuances. think maybe i needed some leadership training? i think there should’ve been more kidmin…. 

at this point – yes, we have new things to learn about doing the ministry… but we also really know what we’re doing in many cases. i don’t feel confused about how to plan a service, what software to use, how to tell a bible story, what worship should look like, how to communicate with kids… i get to do that every week…. 

but leading, yeah, i needed that boot camp. i’m so GREAT because I’m so FULL from what I learned at Christian Leadership Alliance’s 2013 Authentic Leader event.

the photo i’ve attached : I was honored to be a table leader at the CLA women’s leadership summit. these are the names of the women at my table, and the images are to remind me what each woman shared as her personal mission statement. I’m praying for Ginny, Beverly, Barb, Marilyn and Cindy.


Who are you praying for this week? Prayer is crucial. Do it.





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