the surprising appeal of #vintagejesus

1960 print of Jesus.

1960 print of Jesus.


arguably the most recognizable painting of Jesus ever…

i found it in a discard pile yesterday and snatched it up!

on the back it says “the reapers class” merry christmas. december 25, 1960.

i’m pretty sure this is the Jesus that was on Good Times… can anyone confirm this?

in the meantime – i have gotten so many comments and likes and messages.

apparently this photo conjures up a lot of emotion. people remember this. many still have this picture hanging in their homes (or grandparents’ homes).

i got a message on facebook from my middle school hand bell teacher, glenda pogue

i thought you might be interested.

she said this: Robyn, this picture, “Head of Christ” was painted by Warner Sallman in 1941 (his first). I have always loved his paintings. He also painted “Christ at Heart’s Door”, “The Lord is My Shepherd” and “Christ in Gethsemane” and more. I’m sure you already knew this.  

For the record… I had no idea!

what are some other things from our past remind us of Jesus?

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