you spin me round round

in a full circle moment this week – i wrote a song with a friend from high school.

robyn blaikie collins and julie foresteri love when that happens.

i love when you have a hisotry with someone (even if it was just a moment) and then God gives them back to you.

Julie Forester is a singer/songwriter here in Nashville. I’ve been to several of her shows over the past few years, and her voice is still as stunning as it was when I knew her first. It was a blessing to hear her singing the song we wrote. Now, we just wait and see if anyone chooses to cut it….



another insane moment: i was writing with Alexis Slifer monday night around 8. I’ve known Alexis for about 5 years, but this is the first time talked about writing together.

as we decided what to sing, praying and reading some scripture… i was reminded of a piece of music and lyrics that God had given me couple of months ago. I sang them for her, and she just looked at me. Then proceeded to tell me that God had given her the same tune and simliar lyrics two weeks before. CRAZY!!!!!

So we had our chorus, we had some affirmation that we were supposed to be writing this song, and so we wrote.

I love it.

is there anyone that God has given back to you that you just want to thank Him for?

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