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brittani with two i’s

brittani with two i's

i can’t wait for lhkidz camp.
we are debuting a video with these two.

what a team!
they have been bosiah and mary joseph, bobo ukelele handsome and princess heart pockets, and now they are bringing it strong as turbo and brittani with two i’s.

they think they are going to cheer camp, but they end up at church camp! divine intervention, much?

hoping that kids will see the fun and freedom of a life of faith in Jesus.

we’ve been brainstorming every activity and moment for months.
we have planned and prepared. practiced and pursued excellence.
now we get to watch it unfold. i can’t wait.
and i’m so grateful for my acting superstars. Beau Hoffman and Emmy Hendrick,

they always say yes, and they have become crucial writing partners for me.
i love them so much and am so grateful for this moment in time that we have to work together.

who do you collaborate with?
who makes everything you do better just by being involved?

tell them. and appreciate what you have while you have it.

bookmark this link, because i’ll be posting the new videos each day.

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use your powers for good


speak love. speak with kindness. speak things that lift people up. 

speak what you would want to hear.

words are so powerful.

writers have to beware. i know this because i’m a writer.

we have the power to evoke emotion with our words, and those of us who do this for a living, have to be so very careful. we can hurt someone swiftly with the wrong words. and we know how to use them. 

if you are a writer… use your powers for good.

don’t use your words to harm. it’s mean. and doesn’t make anyone feel better.

the speaker or the listener. the writer or the reader. 

make every word worth hearing or reading.

tell people you love them. love does.

what’s in the word bubble over your head?


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i love a new venue

when my friend alisha said she would fill in on a writer’s round… she didn’t realize it was in monteagle… Image

i’m so glad i didn’t know.

because we decided to go, before we knew how long it would take. (it was only 1.5 hours).

we got to have a little girl-chatting, belly-laughing, song-singing mini- girl trip by accident.

it was so fun…

then we got there. WOW. what a place! the smokehouse goes on FOREVER… it is charming, enchanting, special, preserved, and accessible… you should go. there are local products, country flavored items, a delicious raspberry barbque sauce. then, in the restaurant is this wonderful stage, wrapped with antique instruments and candles. what an experience!

and alisha got to sing 5 songs. i love her stories and her voice. so i love getting to hear her sing live. and people always really dig it, which is fun. i got to see her do what she loves to do, which is such a moment… 

then we got to drive home and relive the whole thing.

there’s so much good about it. i think i’ll have to just write a song about it.

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i don’t even know how.

vbs logo

vbs logo


i don’t even know how to start talking about VBS.

I used to think VBS was the same old same old, and everyone did something they had done a million times. noah. creation.moses.joseph.

then… i started working at Long Hollow.

I would actually be planning our own VBS for kids.

WOW. Mind blowing. Determined to make sure everything taught is worthy of their time, and ours… I think about this time of year, all year. I pray, read, listen, draw, write… and most importantly collaborate with people that I treasure and adore (jason underhill, emmy hendrick and sharon fleming).

This week, I told the kids that I’ve been thinking about them and praying for them for months. It’s true. True story.

We have been looking for the best ways to help them understand how great God’s love for them is… and that if they know Him, it’s their job to tell others. This is Biblical.

I can’t begin to share all of the amazing things God has allowed me to participate in this past week… because I think you’ll probably stop reading at some point, but there are some major highlights i want to share. because they are awesome. And because I want to trap them somewhere before I forget.

Here we go…

1 – literally thousands of kids have journeyed with us this week. almost 200 made eternal decisions.

2 – the worship leaders on each of our campuses KILLED IT!!!! I deeply love it when amazing musicians and singers commit their time to kids. Kids deserve excellence, not mediocrity. And boy did they get it this week!

Hendersonville: Ben Eggebrecht, Colin Henderson, Beau Hoffman and Niko Xidas; Hillcrest: Warren David and Foster Loven; Gallatin: Mike Hurst; Springfield: Brad Damas; Madison: Ben Eggebrecht, Wes Pickering

3 – we got to teach about mephibosheth. YES! David rescued him when he was powerless to help himself because of his love for his family. Jesus rescues us when we are powerless to help ourselves.

4 – teachers brought the truth to kids. the gospel was unashamedly proclaimed and it will defend itself.

5 – our video series was awesome, and jackson, emmy and beau were amazing.

6 – family night… SO MANY PEOPLE. SO MUCH WORSHIP.

7 – we got to teach “God loves you no matter what!” when we taught the thief on the cross story. he did not have time to do any good deeds, after meeting Christ. That means that there was nothing about HIM that saved Him, only Christ. (what a relief, right?!)

I’m totally getting excessive with the capitals and exclamation points.

i’m overflowing, drinking from the saucer. grateful.

jeff lovingood – thanks for supporting lhkidz and giving your guidance, wisdom and influence to this amazing experience we just had.

jason underhill  – thanks for partnering with me to bring the truth to kids… your support and encouragement are crucial in the creative process. i’m grateful for your commitment to excellence.

emmy hendrick – thanks for dreaming and planning, and replanning with me. acting, serving, and doing VBS in Gallatin like a boss. you blow my mind.

sharon fleming – thanks so much for “holding down the fort” while i was looking for an assistant. your kindness is palpable. your love for kids is beautiful. you manage details like a boss!

beau hoffman – thanks for… 1 – acting in the videos, 2 – editing the videos, 3 – making the music videos for EVERY campus, 4 – playing the bass with the band, 5 – teching and/or playing the cajon in the evening at hillcrest, 6 – teaching me about patience

eli spiller – thanks for teaching, hanging posters, making phone calls, dealing with fellowship one, loving kids, serving joyfully… and more

jordan dennis – thanks for loving the madison campus, and praying and preparing to serve with them; thanks for making phone calls, entering stuff in the computer… and more

steven – thanks for rolling with us, loving kids, killing it on kickball, doing everything you were ever presented with

and so much more…. may have to do a second post. i’m about to cry at this point.

i hope you get as stoked as i do about doing something that points to Jesus, with people you adore.

my teenagers taught me something again…

pokemon boystonite i had a house full of teenagers.

jackson had a few friends. (freshmen)

quint had a few friends. (juniors)

as quint and his friends were leaving, i heard a symphony of “love you’s” going back and forth among the groups.

i can’t seem to capture in words how much joy this brings me. first of all, because they have these people in their daily lives that they love so much and love them back.

most of all, because WHO DOES THAT? i can’t imagine that this is a common thing. and it wasn’t the first time. i am so grateful that they have the comfort and confidence in themselves and in their relationships that they are willing to put themselves out there, time and time again.

they have created an environment where love is part of their vernacular. and even better, they don’t just say it, they do it. you can tell that they enjoy each other, they have fun together.

grown ups… learn something from this example. learn to say the things that people need to hear and need to know. don’t assume that people know that they matter to you – tell them.

are you as good at this as my teenagers? i don’t know about you, but i’m gonna take a page out of their playbook…

love you.

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