i love a new venue

when my friend alisha said she would fill in on a writer’s round… she didn’t realize it was in monteagle… Image

i’m so glad i didn’t know.

because we decided to go, before we knew how long it would take. (it was only 1.5 hours).

we got to have a little girl-chatting, belly-laughing, song-singing mini- girl trip by accident.

it was so fun…

then we got there. WOW. what a place! the smokehouse goes on FOREVER… it is charming, enchanting, special, preserved, and accessible… you should go. there are local products, country flavored items, a delicious raspberry barbque sauce. then, in the restaurant is this wonderful stage, wrapped with antique instruments and candles. what an experience!

and alisha got to sing 5 songs. i love her stories and her voice. so i love getting to hear her sing live. and people always really dig it, which is fun. i got to see her do what she loves to do, which is such a moment… 

then we got to drive home and relive the whole thing.

there’s so much good about it. i think i’ll have to just write a song about it.

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