brittani with two i’s

brittani with two i's

i can’t wait for lhkidz camp.
we are debuting a video with these two.

what a team!
they have been bosiah and mary joseph, bobo ukelele handsome and princess heart pockets, and now they are bringing it strong as turbo and brittani with two i’s.

they think they are going to cheer camp, but they end up at church camp! divine intervention, much?

hoping that kids will see the fun and freedom of a life of faith in Jesus.

we’ve been brainstorming every activity and moment for months.
we have planned and prepared. practiced and pursued excellence.
now we get to watch it unfold. i can’t wait.
and i’m so grateful for my acting superstars. Beau Hoffman and Emmy Hendrick,

they always say yes, and they have become crucial writing partners for me.
i love them so much and am so grateful for this moment in time that we have to work together.

who do you collaborate with?
who makes everything you do better just by being involved?

tell them. and appreciate what you have while you have it.

bookmark this link, because i’ll be posting the new videos each day.

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