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more than enough with my teenager

so… this was one of the best days… Image

we got to give quint a car to drive. not just a car. but a mustang convertible. (it is a’94 with tons of miles and lots of fun things that make it “unique” we’ll say) nonetheless, it’s a convertible! and it’s a mustang! i think we are both a little jealous, if we’re being honest.

it has been perfect convertible weather this week too. 

here’s the lesson God had for me in all of this.

my joy for quint is nearly uncontainable. truly. 

how much more joy for us does God have when he gives us undeserved gifts that are just because they are our hearts desire. 

i think for some reason we feel so unworthy of his love, that we find it hard to believe that he would bestow his kindness and abundance on us too. shouldn’t his salvation be enough? 

well… i thought about this. bringing Quint into the world is enough. meeting his physical needs for food and shelter are enough. but BOYYYYYY did it make me thrilled, to be able to give him a car he could love, which is MORE THAN ENOUGH. 

our God will give us more than enough. 

i have been songwriting for about 1.5 years now. i love it so much and can’t stop.

i really want to figure out how to sell my songs. i want it so badly that i can’t let myself think about it too often.

but right now, i’m putting a circle around it, and asking God for MORE THAN ENOUGH.

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the graceful dead.


i’m kind of geeking out with excitement about something I’m working on right now.

i’m so obsessed, overwhelmed, grateful, awash … and swimming in the truths of grace.

what it means. how it translates to every day life. ahhhh… just so grateful.

lately, i’ve read so many amazing things about grace.

i know why the song “amazing grace” was written. in fact, i just finished a worship song with this lyric “your graced changed everything”.

anyway… emmy, beau and i have been working on ways to share with the kids in our world and along came the idea for the Graceful Dead bear band. the verse: to live is Christ and to die is gain, is the verse that supports the name. 

once i drew them, and the art was in place i got even more excited. 

the stories are going to be amazing. and the grace will be flowing. ah. cant wait.



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oh. what a night!

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

recorded a new worship song last night with some amazing people in an amazing place.

Good to Me was written by me, Perry Miears and Beau Hoffman.

recorded at Moose Studios – the best place ever.

musicians – Jim VanCleve on fiddle… what a gift to have him on this song.

Josh Brown… there are not enough words to explain how much i think of him as a person and as a musician. wow.

perry miears… i have wanted to write a song with this guy from the first time i heard his voice, a couple of years ago. knowing him and his wife has been one of the great blessings of my life… and now we have written a worship song, (along with my friend Beau Hoffman) that is one of my favorite songs i ‘ve been blessed to co-write so far. it talks about a Grace that changes everything, and a God who loves us relentlessly. I can’t wait to share it… wow. what a blessing.

and super producer… Jeremy Brown. Mad Skills and the chillest guy ever. just so very grateful.

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

Jim VanCleve playing fiddle ... heaven

Jim VanCleve playing fiddle … heaven

perry miears playing moose studio musicians playing robyn and jim vancleve jim vancleve tuning a mandolin perry and brown brothers robyn and the brown brothers 2 me and perry and katy

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what’s an #inspiration tour and why did you go on one?


inadvertantly i started on an inspiration tour on sunday. i was headed to dallas and remembered that i really wanted to check out this really cool creative work space i had been reading about for the past year. i tweeted them, and they quickly replied “c’mon!”

then i realized, i wanted to make the most of my day and half in dallas… so i planned a few more stops.Image


@aubreymc : got his kids’ music album years ago from my friends jennifer and mark wiggins. loved it then. started reading a blog a year ago… aubrey writes for this blog. i loved it and started following everything he does. my mom knows his stepdad from high school. we were meant to be friends. by the time our meeting was over, we had agreed to write a christmas musical together. #inspiredImage

Beth Dicker, my friend lived near me in texas, and we used to chat on the porch. Our kids are the same age. This woman is a great friend. We met for lunch in the new Klyde park in Dallas… she had to buy my lunch because my card didn’t work. so embarassing. (it was user error). #inspiredbythissinglemomImageweld, weld, weld… we finally  meet. this amazing work space has been all over twitter for the past year and i had been dying to check it out. rentable office space for creatives, specifically. the atmosphere is magic… just like i figured it would be. @weldImage

this guy… @austinmann, he is the chief welder! so glad to meet him. thanks @causeascenenash for the quasi-intro.Image

@jonathanmalm… Director of Echo Conference. Editor and creator of Sunday| Magazine and ChurchStageDesignIdeas. nicer in person than i even hoped he would be… two weeks out from a big event, but he spent an unrushed 45 minutes catching up and sharing his excitement about his dream job.Imagemy best friend in the world, since my junior year of high school.

Image@estherhavens – she always tweets about @weld, so it should’ve been no surprise to see her there! i had written about her and to her several times over the past two years… lovely to hug her neck. she inspires me 

btw… if we wanna have our very own @weld vote here:

what have you done this week to get inspired? you just have to look for it.


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my family is funnier than your family…

if you don’t believe me, you haven’t watched our pathetic dance battle…

we are funny.

the funny part is that our kids asked us to do it.

i dont know about you, but usually if i so much as hint at the idea that i might start dancing, they run and hide… and say “mooooommmmm”.

so, to be asked to participate was interesting in itself.


the best part is that this evening we just sat around for 2 hours telling our embarassing stories… we are passing down our family history, through storytelling. you know i love that! but it’s awesome that our favorite stories to tell are the ones where we are humbled, learning lessons, looking silly. we want our kids to know our junk… and realize how important it is to share who you really are with people.

i’m pretty sure we didn’t set out to teach any lessons tonite, they just happened. and only in my reflection of the evening did i realize these lessons we are getting to teach.

have you shown people that it’s ok to laugh at yourself?

have you taken the time to retell stories that are embarassing, or do you pretend everything has always been perfect?

are you passing down your history through storytelling…? if you don’t, who will? 

only you can tell your stories accurately.

i hope you start being funnier 🙂


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new creativity challenge should you choose to accept it

alright, you ready for a challenge?

this is an exercise to stretch your mind to think of things differently, and train you to look for spiritual applications all around you.

my kids always ask me, “does everything have to be a lesson?”
the answer is “yes, if possible”.

here is how it works…

go browsing.
( remember when you were shaping with your mom and she would tell the sales lady that she was ‘was just browsing’ so she would go away? or maybe that was just me an my mom)

anyway. go browsing in a store, in your closet, in your car. and try to make a spiritual application to everything you see.

for example:
kitchen counter:
cup- God’s love for us is overflowing
bowl – serving God is an act of worship
soda-we can have pep and excitement because of the promise of eternity
candle-we should be a pleasing aroma.

take a photo of several things and tell me the application you make, or make an application to the items in the photo I’ve included.


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what I learned at my teenagers driving test/the DMV


I love the DMV.

I think the greatest way to explain to someone how important they are to me iis to tell them I would even sit at the DMV to sown time with them. makes sense right?

this time I was there with quint to get his license. wow.

so the examiner, michael condella, was awesome.

in the lesson, he told quint to imagine it was like a video game… and all cars are about to do something suspicious, to make you wreck. so that you will be on your guard.

I thought that was genius.
then I thought, wow, that’s how we should see daily life and the invisible battle with the enemy.
we should realize he is lurking around the corners waiting to cause us to wreck. we have to be on our guard.

thanks you mr examiner sir-for giving my son excellent driving applications and me some excellent life applications.

right?! avoid the life-stealing enemy waiting to kill you, sometimes in the form of a bouncing banana.

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did you know you have a super power?

you do.

-have you ever felt powerless in the face of a seemingly insurmountable problem?

you aren’t.

you. have. prayer.

today a friend asked me to pray for her daughter, and it hit me… I can! I have the capacity to help, by praying.
which got me to the idea…
if we have prayer we have a superpower that has no kryptonite!

I love being a super hero! don’t you?

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