what I learned at my teenagers driving test/the DMV


I love the DMV.

I think the greatest way to explain to someone how important they are to me iis to tell them I would even sit at the DMV to sown time with them. makes sense right?

this time I was there with quint to get his license. wow.

so the examiner, michael condella, was awesome.

in the lesson, he told quint to imagine it was like a video game… and all cars are about to do something suspicious, to make you wreck. so that you will be on your guard.

I thought that was genius.
then I thought, wow, that’s how we should see daily life and the invisible battle with the enemy.
we should realize he is lurking around the corners waiting to cause us to wreck. we have to be on our guard.

thanks you mr examiner sir-for giving my son excellent driving applications and me some excellent life applications.

right?! avoid the life-stealing enemy waiting to kill you, sometimes in the form of a bouncing banana.

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3 thoughts on “what I learned at my teenagers driving test/the DMV

  1. Jenny Patton says:

    That looks like Robertson county DMV !! That officer looks familiar. Do y’all live here?

  2. Strange this post is totaly irrelevant towards the search query I entered on the internet but it was listed on the first page.

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