Monthly Archives: January 2014

cousins are the best


especially if you don’t have siblings. my cousins have always considered me a bonus sister. I started to believe it in the last few years as they loved me
hard and well. (Kimberly burleson , Teri netterville, lindsay shepherd)

they came to Nashville
for my 40th.
they listen to all my songs before anyone else hears them.
did I mention, they love my kids…

we made a spontaneous decision to drive 10 hours to and 10 hours from Shreveport to spend less than 48 hours
together… because… that’s what you do when you love people.
I’m so blessed and grateful for these cousin aunt and uncles for my kids.

have you driven the extra mile to let your family… and your own kids know how important family really is? it
to let people know they matter ? because people matter. love well and hard, and it will come
back to you beyond your understanding. happy happy new year.