about me

my name is robyn blaikie collins. i’m a creative.

most recently i’m enchanted by songwriting. it has been a year, and i just can’t quit. i love it.

sometimes i’m a creative writer. i write scripts. i write copy. i write curriculum. i write letters. i write blog posts. i write tweets-sometimes witty, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes digital high fives to people i admire and want to honor. i just wrote my second song. i write a tv show for kids. i wrote a book.

sometimes i’m a creative artist. i draw. i paint. i watercolor on paper. i use acrylics on almost anything. i use glossy paint on furniture. i color. i doodle.

sometimes i’m a creative minister. i write shows for kids with the intent of telling the true story of Jesus in as many ways as God puts in my head. i write musicals… while someone else writes the music. i write services orchestrated to point kids to the source of all Creation.

sometimes i’m a creative idea person. i am fully aware that all good things come from Him and all good ideas are from the creator of the universe. when he gives me a new way to share his truths of love, kindness, grace… i’m humbled to be entrusted.

sometimes i’m a creative connector. God lets me connect people to other people that need to be connected to each other.

sometimes i’m a creative listener. i get to listen and interpret and share the lessons i have learned… and lots and lots of encouragement… i get to share that alot.

sometimes i’m a creative punctuator and wordsmithy (not real words, to my point)

as much as possible, i’m a creative mom. i have four highly creative kids. some in music. some in handcrafts. some in joy. there are four of them.

i’m a creative wife. i have a creative husband. when we are lucky we get to work on things together. otherwise we support each other in the things that we are each made to do. ( for example: he’s been known to act for me in certain situations and i’ve been known to design logos for the endeavors that he undertakes)

i’m a creative friend… always looking for new ways to show friendship but have found that the best way is to spend time. talking.laughing.watchingmovies.praying.commiserating.

currently, i’m serving as the kids creative minister at long hollow baptist church in hendersonville, tn. (it’s near nashville)

i know a lot of artists…. songwriters, singers, writers, designers, painters, photographers, mixed medium experts, lots and lots of artists… spreadsheet ninjas, organizers, administrators, budget magicians… all artists.

i presume that everyone is an artist, of some sort, everyone is a “creative” made in the image of the ultimate creator.

this is intended as a place for artists to gather and find encouragement, spiritual enrichment and community among other artists of all kinds. which means all people.

sometimes it can feel lonely, esp. if noone else around you is doing what you do. but you were made this way for a very specific purpose. let’s celebrate that purpose and find the joy in the joy you bring to the creator who made you who and how you are.

bring your friends. it’s a nice place here.

3 thoughts on “about me

  1. it was so great to meet you. i look forward to reading about your creative plans and, who knows, maybe some day we will work together. god bless you!
    ps: this is they guy from california, ben kerns averageyouthministry.com

  2. biggins says:

    What an incredibly encouraging mission you’re on! Thanks for sharing all of the many facets of God’s amazing design for creativity in your life! Your message has fueled the artistic flame of one more fellow creative!

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