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i love love

i love love

i love stories
i love when people are good at love
i love making someone feel loved
i love feeling loved
i especially love writing songs about love. and i do it a lot.

what i love today, is that we just finished a day camp experience where i know a lot of kids knew we loved them… and because of that, their perception of church, and their perception of God … is that it’s where you go to be loved.

i hope you feel loved.
i don’t know about you, but i’m gonna write a song about it…

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what’s praying in color?

it’s wonderful. that’s what?!

it’s a practice that allows you to enhance your prayer life using paper and pens, pencils, crayons, whatever.

at lhkidz camp, on 4th grader prayed for her family with this girl and a heart with wings

this past week of kidz camp our focus was “experiencing God” and we taught experiencing God through prayer, the bible, and hanging out with people that love Jesus.

when i read Praying in Color, i knew that i wanted us to do this at camp for our ART breakout.

holly bieber, one of my most artistic friends came to lead things.

she showed them things from her own prayer journal from the past couple of years… taught about how to use drawing to serve as meditative prayer. my friend leallison said this, “Where has this been all my life? how have i not known about praying in color?! i’m not an artist, but i can do this.”

you see… as you are drawing, coloring, decorating… you are focused on your subject matter. with this in mind, this creates a prayer experience with visual evidence. then, each time you reflect on the thing you drew, you are able to repeat the prayer. does that makes sense? i hope so… it was pretty special.

here is a link: http://prayingincolor.com/ The author, Sybil MacBeth, has given us something new to consider… and i’m so grateful. so so grateful.

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something i bet you’ve never seen before

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my kids could not be cooler. we were driving around with 1 hour to kill and on our way to an outdoor mall when quint saw a sign… for an art gallery. he said, “let’s go!” i drove past it thinking that the others wouldn’t be as interested as quint and i would be. he said “why did  you pass it? let’s turn around” so i did. i said, ok, if it costs more than $2 each we’re not going to go. we went in… and it was free to the public. boom. let’s stay! we looked at some of the art, and the guide told us no touching except for one room where you can touch the sculptures… we looked at about 20 paintings… then somebody, i’m not sure which one, started to act out the paintings/etchings. then they would run to the next one and act out the scene… then the next one.. and the next one… quickly the museum guards began to circle us, to make sure we weren’t touching anything because we were having way too much fun. i can’t imagine that they’ve ever had 4 kids, ages 7-15, laughing and having a blast walking through their museum. but that’s what my kids were doing. the pictures tell the story best. here’s what i would tell you… teach your kids to love art. teach them to interact with art. since when was an art museum as interactive as this experience was… so proud of these four people that i get to parent, teach, learn from, and love to pieces. i never enjoyed an art museum more.

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