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the story on #story2012

here’s the story on story.

wow. learned so much. loved it so much. so grateful for the chance to be inspired and among fellow “creatives”

the major takeway, not surprisingly, coincided directly with the lesson we were teaching in treehouse this weekend. God is funny like that.

first off was Bob Goff… if you follow me on twitter you know i was totally stoked to meet this author whose words had inspired me beforehand, then came to life when i saw him share his heart. i got to have my marked up, dog-eared copy of his book, Love Does, signed by him, and get a Bob Goff hug. In his gracious way, he replied to the photo i tweeted. i love when you meet someone and they exceed your expectations.

then erwin mcmanus had a moment with his son onstage as we watched… his son thanked him for the years he knew his dad took to minister to his son. powerful.

we heard from others… but i was waiting for someone to say “hey artists, it’s not about you, it’s about the creator that gives you the art” … enter Kyle Idleman. to be honest, i hadn’t read his book or known anything about the man… but he brought it. he reminded us that the creator of all things is our source when we “create”. he gave the example of the prophets of Baal. I dont think i realized that Baal was the god of weather… and to humble the people, God gave them a drought. Kyle went on to say that when we make our art an idol, or start to think of our creations as our own, instead of pointing directly to the one that empowered us to create… we are worshipping other gods. the one true God does not go for this. He suggested that if we make art our god, then the God of the universe, will meet us there, and take away our ability to create. Ultimately God wants us to worship Him and Him alone. This week in treehouse, this was our bible lesson and our main point… God is the only one to be worshiped. i love when worlds collide and God teaches me like this… instead of forcing me to experience a drought.

Phil Vischer was the next up and he told the tale of letting the “big idea” get in the way of what God wanted. He talked about the bankruptcy that his company went through… another reminder to keep the main thing in mind. and shared that his new venture is called Jellyfish Labs because jellyfish cannot locomote (my friends and i wondered if this is an actual word, but clearly it is) .. they can go up and down but it requires a current to move them from place to place. Phil is putting himself in God’s current, trying to go with God’s flow, not do his own thing.

this was incredibly timely for me because i think we are on the cusp of a “big idea”. i believe that the super ninja gummy bear is a big idea… and there are so many ways that we can use this character, but God has very clearly given us proof that he wants us to use the SNGB to point people to Christ. he revealed to me how we could teach kids to share the gospel with other kids… with the SNGB. instead of riding the fence and vacilating about the many ways that this fun little character can be utilized, the focus has to stay on the gospel. God gave this to us, and it is our job, my job, to make sure that we use Him like he intended when He gave him to us.

chicago is a beautiful place and i got to visit with some childhood friends, which just sweetens the experience. once again, STORY, made a huge impact that will affect everything I create (with Gods inspiration) going forward.

on the drive home i pulled up a file that i had written a few weeks ago. its a song. a christmas song. and i asked god to give me a tune. he was so kind to fill my head and i sang the song into my phone. man. God is just so kind to us. He wants us to remember that He is the one that gives and takes away. I’m grateful for the things He allows me to participate in every day.

what are you grateful for that God allows you to do?

Ben Arment… the best introducer and host. it was an honor to be at your event. your heart is glorious and i believe that you, like bob goff, love extravagantly.

also amazing experiences : Mason Jar Music, All Sons & Daughters, Sleeping at Last

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twitter works…

i found a new artist and was enchanted by his art.

jameshance.com ... art worth knowing about. enjoy.

so… i tweeted about it. told him it was enchanting.

he thanked me on twitter…

so, it made me an even bigger fan (which is saying alot because i had already pinned some of his work, so i was already a believer).

i love the mashup between pooh and star wars. two things i love and have great memories from my childhood… and now great memories from my kids childhoods (is childhoods a word).

his website says it all…James Hance … relentlessly cheerful art.

are you kidding me?! talk about your dear heartist!

i hope you enjoy this find as much as i have.

i gave him a sneak peek of the as yet unrevealed Up In My Treehouse song. Mutual appreciation is another beautiful thing.

artists… go find other artists to appreciate. inspire each other. be digitally generous (ala Tami Heim).

it’s so much fun. and lets your mind think about all kinds of new things.

what are some things you have found recently that you adore? did you tell the person that made them?

will you share them with us here? i’d love to know what inspires you.

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how i got lost in the grocery store…

here’s the thing… i was there to pick up a prescription to ward off my double ear infections… WOO HOO! so… i didnt have anything to do for 15 minutes. this is a problem for an artist who suffers from some attention challenges :)… (don’t most artists?).

i grew up going to publix grocery stores in florida. i forget how wonderful they can be. i literally walked through the produce section no less than 5… or more times. just tasting the colors and flavors with my eyes. i couldn’t think about what to purchase… just got so wrapped up in the colors… the choices… the brands… the labels… it was a feast for the senses.

nevermind, that there is a soda fountain right in the store with great ice… with that i was virtually smitten.

i found that i lost track of time and couldn’t keep my mind on what i was looking for because A: i didnt really have anything specific in mind and B: i was easily distracted by things that were pretty and smelled good.

WOW… so, here’s the lesson… while, i’m exceedingly grateful for the reminder to shop at publix (because they have great food)…  if we don’t have a goal in mind, and we don’t pay attention to how we spend our time – then we get lost, easily distracted by surfaces and images. and we can waste time that could be spent with eternity in mind.

wandering aimlessly, while seemingly fun and restorative, is actually reductive and can cost you valuable moments you should be investing elsewhere.

don’t let getting lost in the grocery store become a habit… be voracious with guarding your time… and if you need great produce or rotisserie chicken, go straight to publix, it’s right there on the right when you walk inside.

BTW: i intended to write this post about how beautiful publix was today and to suggest the grocery as a place for inspiration… and as i began, i realized the lesson that God had for me today instead… that he wanted me to share with you in real time. i had the thought as i shared it with you. that means now… we are true friends.

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i adore this artist…you will too.

i met an artist that i adore, richard fudge because a writer friend that i also treasure, susan isaccs (she wrote angry conversations with god – an incredibly brilliant book where susan takes God to couples’ counseling. seriously!?)  posted a photo of the painting she purchased from him. i saw the painting… and had to know more about the artist.

In following fudge, I fell in love with his main character, Chester. Chester shows you how he feels, using his chest as the mask of his heart. Richard went through a paintful experience… Chester helped Richard through it and the rest of us gained an iconic figure to share the pains and joys of daily life.

richard fudge original

Fudge did something else that amazed me… he started a prayer journal. he started mailing this journal around the country to various artists involved in ministry… i asked how i could get involved. he sent me the journal, i painted a picture and a prayer in it. it continued to go around the country. i was driving through nashville in february and finally got a chance to meet richard fudge in person… and tour his studio/gallery/place of dwelling. i heard his story.

this week it’s his turn. he’s going on a trip to meet many of the artists he has been corresponding with across the country.

two years ago i did a similar thing. i went on a friend tour. i’ll tell you more about that one day. for now… let’s think about the things that richard has done well

-used his art to bring attention to his creator

-connected with other artists

-taken action on his desire to deepen relationships.

what can you do today to bring attention to your creator? how will you connect with other artists? what can you do to deepen the relationships you have? and don’t fudge on this one!

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dear fellow heARTists…

welcome to a place where you will be understood, appreciated, and ideally loved and appreciated. this is a place where fellow heARTists will share the ways that they are feeling, learning and growing.

God made some people to see the sky as blue. Then there are other people (like us) who were put here to interpret the shades of blue for others, so they can appreciate them. we think differently, we relate differently, we love hard core and feel intensely. we revel in the creation, as well as the creator.

not everyone gets us right away. they don’t have to. we have to learn to find our joy and acceptance in the one that made us in his image.

we have to see prayer as an ongoing conversation with the one that loves us more than we love ourselves. we will talk more about that later.

welcome. i hope you find something that feeds your heART.

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