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@herbadmother at Blissdom, oh yeah, and Disney—i “babble” on.

women are the new storytellers

@herbadmother @babble @disneyinteractive speakers …brought some EPIC info about storytelling

Catherine “@herbadmother” Connors talked about this EPIC moment we are living in. She spent her academic life studying, for such a time as this.

She said that the platform we now have harkens back to the times “when women told stories over the fences and in the kitchen”. and Grass Roots STORYTELLING is coming back! blogs are a broad public platform for mother and women storytellers. this, friends, is truly EPIC. (she said this word alot, but i know that it’s because it’s the only one that adequately represents what is happening… i will admit that my friend and i took a sip of our chai tea everytime she said “EPIC”)

rufus from babble talked about the thrill of entrepreneurship (i totally get that… even wrote a book about it once : PTBATM). and the LOVE of creative expression… oh, how i totally get that… and then, to find a subject we care deeply about. ( i care about artists… writers… women… creatives… friends… etc) what do you care deeply about?

he discussed how it’s hard to surrender your old life, when you become a parent… but you do.

then one of the most beautiful things i heard during that keynote came from my friend across the table… tami said “YOU SCREAM TO BREATHE TO GET NEW LIFE.” i have to tell you… i’m going to have to dedicate a whole new post to that, i’ll do it soon, i promise. it’s my favorite thing i’ve heard this week.

disney interactive and babble together, recognized the power of mom bloggers. think about that… the most expert storytellers on earth…. are taking their hats off and their money where there mouth is… to moms. to women. to bloggers. pretty cool, huh?!

•don’t miss this: women are taking the stage as storytellers for the first time in history… we are going to be so good at this! what stories do you need to capture, and preserve for your family and as your legacy today?

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