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how i got lost in the grocery store…

here’s the thing… i was there to pick up a prescription to ward off my double ear infections… WOO HOO! so… i didnt have anything to do for 15 minutes. this is a problem for an artist who suffers from some attention challenges :)… (don’t most artists?).

i grew up going to publix grocery stores in florida. i forget how wonderful they can be. i literally walked through the produce section no less than 5… or more times. just tasting the colors and flavors with my eyes. i couldn’t think about what to purchase… just got so wrapped up in the colors… the choices… the brands… the labels… it was a feast for the senses.

nevermind, that there is a soda fountain right in the store with great ice… with that i was virtually smitten.

i found that i lost track of time and couldn’t keep my mind on what i was looking for because A: i didnt really have anything specific in mind and B: i was easily distracted by things that were pretty and smelled good.

WOW… so, here’s the lesson… while, i’m exceedingly grateful for the reminder to shop at publix (because they have great food)…  if we don’t have a goal in mind, and we don’t pay attention to how we spend our time – then we get lost, easily distracted by surfaces and images. and we can waste time that could be spent with eternity in mind.

wandering aimlessly, while seemingly fun and restorative, is actually reductive and can cost you valuable moments you should be investing elsewhere.

don’t let getting lost in the grocery store become a habit… be voracious with guarding your time… and if you need great produce or rotisserie chicken, go straight to publix, it’s right there on the right when you walk inside.

BTW: i intended to write this post about how beautiful publix was today and to suggest the grocery as a place for inspiration… and as i began, i realized the lesson that God had for me today instead… that he wanted me to share with you in real time. i had the thought as i shared it with you. that means now… we are true friends.

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