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tonite at beech camp…. tomorrow on espn

lame mashup of Beech High School and Station Camp high school names.

beech bucs socks

beech bucs socks

but wow. what a night.

so… i live in a land where friday night lights is a way of life.

everyone comes to the high school football games, even if they don’t have kids playing, or even attending the school.

it’s part of the culture.

we have a couple of area rivals… the three big schools in our area are:


tomorrow Beech plays Station Camp.. and it’s going to be on ESPN. it’s a big deal.

tonite our church, Long Hollow, hosted a tailgate event honoring both schools, feeding the players and coaches from both teams, and sharing testimonies from both quarterbacks.

it’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve personally experienced.

imagine your rival high school, now imagine getting together before the game for a joint tailgate. they eat, they listen to music. they hang out.

now imagine that they go into a worship service together, will all their fans, and someone gets to share the love of Christ to all of you together… after you have just worshipped with music, singing together. it’s miraculous.

i’m a writer, but i’m almost at a loss for words to capture this.

what’s the most unlikely place you could find love? you might think among rivals… but it wasn’t tonite.

go wherever love is missing, and bring some.

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stating the obvious… being undefeated rocks. hard.

the beech bucs went 15-0 this year... these are some of quint's friends with their new bling.

the beech bucs went 15-0 this year…
these are some of quint’s friends with their new bling.

when i looked at quint’s new ring, i said few people will ever do this … he said, i know!

i wanted him to appreciate the bigness of the moment – which is silly because he definitely is feeling the bigness…

and i’m so glad. glad that all these boys are celebrating so gratefully and excitedly and not missing the amazing feat that they have accomplished together.

and for quint…even cooler. his rugby team also went undefeated in 2012 and won the state title in their division.

immediately his sisters started to warn him about the pride that comes before a fall.

it’s a funny thing, to be so excited and so confident, yet stay humble.

are you good at that? i think it’s harder than we realize….

in this photo: quint, riley lovingood, noah hamilton, sam lindsey.

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and that’s a rap.


wrapped a project today… 

last year jamie hamilton asked if i would design the beech bucs football program. i gladly said yes, and spent the next few weeks getting everything together and designing it… the best part was hanging out with jamie and mitzi during the process.

this summer i got a similar call and couldn’t wait to get started again. the project itself is relatively cumbersome and tedious, but the amount of time i get to spend in conversation with these two women is worth any price… so i was thrilled to do it again.

now… i sit and wait, hoping that i didn’t leave out anything crucial, that the majority of names are spelled correctly, etc. i hate that feeling of being worried about that part. but i also am thinking about what a great 2 years this has been here in hendersonville, tn.

we have all learned so much and had so many stretching and fun opportunities. more importantly we have added some really special friends to our lives. we have some people that really really matter to us and it is a blessing. life is hard, friends. stuff is hard, things that you encounter aren’t what you had in mind, but at the end of the day… if you have people… it’s better. it just is.

today i’m grateful for all of my people.

and that i turned in the final program.

now, let’s see if we have a football season.

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