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to a mom friend …

Imagegotta brag on your son for a minute… and also Tom Eggebrecht you’ll want to hear this. this weekend, one of our kids said yes to Jesus. (backstory: her parents are friends of mine from high school) tonite at long hollow she ran up to me and said “mrs. robyn, will you make sure you tell ben that i said yes to jesus this week?” i said “he’ll be so excited” – your son is such a blessing to Long Hollow Children’s Ministry he gives every wednesday and sunday to kids, and teaches them to worship. our kids are connecting with God in a real way, and we are seeing them make eternally important decisions. Man, I know you are proud of him, and so am I. What an amazing man he is becoming. Thanks for sharing Him with us, and praying for him – it’s clear that He is prayed for… it matters.  We are in a spiritual battle, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have Him wielding the sword of truth with us.

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the offering song that wanted to be a salvation song

offering of worship (the salvation song)

So i wanted to write a song about how there are different  ways to give offerings…  I really wanted to have a song that would be an offering of worship… in the meantime, i had been wanting to write a salvation song for awhile.

yesterday, between worship experiences in treehouse i shared the beginnings of what i thought was an offering song with ben… and sang him a few notes…that he turned that into something so special. it was literally 5 minutes of magical…

then today by a wonderful act of God our schedules collided and we added the second verse, a wonderful bridge and wrapped it up… and it turned into the perfect salvation song…

i think because we were out of the way of it, but were wanting to write an offering of our own worship, the celebration of our own salvation came out… God was so kind to give us this song and wow… just can’t wait to share it.

are you so excited about your salvation that it oozes into all of your projects?

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a new worship song with @beggebrecht

Forgive me if I’m redundant. Sometimes, I think I figure out my thoughts as I write about them on this blog. Then I write them into songs.

So, I  may have shared this idea before… but today I got the final version of my latest song.

My friend Ben Eggebrecht and I decided to write a worship song. We started by asking ourselves what songs that we notice people really reacting emotionally to, and experiencing true worship. Which songs we ourselves are moved by.

We realized something… we most connect with the songs that are sung to God instead of about God. Songs that talk about Him instead of about us.

We kept that idea in front of us, and started just talking out loud about what the things we wanted him to know we appreciate about him. then we started talking about something that has been on my mind alot for the last year. people are always taking pictures on instagram of “the nashville sky”… the reason, is that it’s breathtaking. it just is. but pictures dont begin to tell the story of creation. so, God does it over and over again for us. he gives us a new sky each day and night. like the manna the israellites tried to store up. when they didn’t trust and tried to keep it in jars, it rotted. when they trusted god to give them food each day… they had healthy food.

so we started talking about what else he gives us over and over again… and this song was born.

i’m so very grateful to the musicians that played on this record:

Thomas Bain, Micah Schweinsberg,  Jordan Reynolds, Joey Hyde, Corn.

Vocals: Ben Eggebrecht and Haley Hamilton

here are the lyrics. email me if you want to hear the song.


Over and Over

by Robyn Collins and Ben Eggebrecht

I could take a thousand pictures

but none of them would show

the wonders you’ve created

your never-ending flow

You wrap your arms around me

with mist and morning air

in sunshine and in rainstorms

I see you everywhere.


Over and Over again

Over and over again


Your promises are written

on pages i can read

keep telling me the story

of a love that rescues me

in simple conversations

your spirit has a way

of speaking… if i listen

i hear the words you say


your love keeps on coming around

your love turned my whole life around

your love keeps picking me up


over and over again

over and over again


beyond imagination

you cover me in grace

you see right through my doubts

and know me by my faith.

my hope is found in you

the light inside my soul

forever you’re my God

i’ll never be alone.


your love keeps on coming around

your love turned my whole life around

your love keeps picking me up


over and over again

over and over again


your love keeps on coming around

your love turned my whole life around

your love keeps picking me up


(over and over again

over and over again)

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