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the time when i wasn’t so great.


i love music. so much. i love the words to songs. i love the feeling songs give you. i love the whole thing…

but i’m not a choir expert. last year we started a kids choir, because we really wanted kids to be able to learn and experience music at church. and fortunately our worship leader, gerald trottman, who had years and years of experience… led the choir.

well, when we started this year, the schedule prevented his participation… so i tried to step into the shoes.

i really did try. promise.

it wasn’t good enough.

enter: carol goad. my amazing springfield treehouse host, volunteer extraodinaire and the mom of my beloved assistant.

she has a long history of leading church choirs. she didn’t want to “rob me of my blessing” though, by meeting the need. i assured her that it was no blessing of mine that she would be robbing. she came to observe last week… let’s just say that tonite she started as the choir director and she was awesome. and our kids are so lucky. and our choir performance will be so much better. and i get to serve side by side with her, instead of from afar. man, am i glad i wasn’t that great at directing choir… i might’ve missed this chance!

it’s good to admit when you aren’t the best.

btw… this is carol goad : i heart her.

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just a little pillow talk.

an incomparable carol goad original. lucky me.


this is the coolest thing… ever.

my friend carol made this for me.

i had given her some of my shirts for a flag project.. she is making flags for each of the treehouses…. and they are ri—-diculous.

but with some leftover fabric, she made this for me.

i’m beside myself.

she even took the dearheartists from this blog and found a way to embroider it onto this pillow.

this makes me feel so loved. and grateful.

thanks carol, for being awesome… and for sharing the awesomeness.


wanna see some of the flags? i thought you might…

amazing flags from carol.


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