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the graceful dead.


i’m kind of geeking out with excitement about something I’m working on right now.

i’m so obsessed, overwhelmed, grateful, awash … and swimming in the truths of grace.

what it means. how it translates to every day life. ahhhh… just so grateful.

lately, i’ve read so many amazing things about grace.

i know why the song “amazing grace” was written. in fact, i just finished a worship song with this lyric “your graced changed everything”.

anyway… emmy, beau and i have been working on ways to share with the kids in our world and along came the idea for the Graceful Dead bear band. the verse: to live is Christ and to die is gain, is the verse that supports the name. 

once i drew them, and the art was in place i got even more excited. 

the stories are going to be amazing. and the grace will be flowing. ah. cant wait.



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the voice, the voice and the voice.

i love three things called “the voice” right now. 



1 – a new version of the Bible called THE VOICE – once you read this, you’ll see why I am loving it so much.

“Through a collaboration of nearly 120 biblical scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and artists, The Voice recaptures the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in the translation process. The result is a retelling of the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works yet painstakingly true to the original manuscripts.”


2 – The VOICE tv show

I am loving the new coaches, and the spirit of camraderie and mutual respect among all 4 coaches is a relief. I was always so uncomfortable with the unkindness that seemed to be thrown around when the last girl judge was in the mix. 

the artists are spectacular already, and it just gets you excited for them, as you see these accomplished musicians, blake shelton, adam levine, shakira, and usher getting excited about helping them.  it really is a highlight of the week.


3 – but most importantly. God’s voice. This week more than most weeks, God is vocal and prevalent. Christians are bolder in inviting people to join them for church. Billboards, signs, songs about the Christ who came to save us are everywhere. The gospel is the theme of the week. The crucifixion is center stage, the resurrection is the evidence of prophecy fulfilled and proof that the other promises of heaven are real. 

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@samluce is highly tweetable and full of stuff i don’t want you to miss

@rbcwrites and @samluce #illumin8

@rbcwrites and @samluce #illumin8

i would’ve tweeted all day yesterday the things that sam was saying, but it seemed excessive, so i decided to blog about it instead… this blog will be part 1 – i’ll cover his second talk in a second email.

he was talking about what parents need from volunteers, what volunteers need from parents and what kids need from all of us…and i’ll get to that… but first, the tweetables.

•kids are ego-destroyers

•we don’t look at our ministry in weeks and months, but in years and decades.

•we can tell we have a successful kids ministry when we have a healthy youth ministry

•my son, is a heart, with a boy inside

•don’t force them to make a decision, rub against the pallette of their spirit, so that Jesus becomes beautiful to them

•make Jesus beautiful, make him everything to them. when he’s beautiful to us, he will be beautiful to them.

•he has done the work for us, so out of gratitude for this… we serve

•i am anti-craft – it started the day we did a bead craft

•my mom always said, rejoice when no one thanks you, the applause of heaven is so much bigger

•as you grow, you can’t know every kid, but you can know every volunteer, and they can know every kid

•i don’t want to be the only voice for Jesus in a child’s life, I want to be the echo of your parent voice.

•an army of small group leaders can do more than 1 kids pastor.


parents want from volunteers:

-a safe place to bring thier kids, proactive culture increases safety. being “helpful” makes ill-intentioned people uncomfortable…

-to know you know their kid

-to know they are not alone. the enemy wants us to feel alone and get us to believe things that are not true.

volunteers want from parents:

-show up early and often (this teaches the importance of the local church and value of community – we were made for this)

-to know that you notice and care that they are caring for your kid

-see yourself as the primary spiritual leader in your child’s life

what kids need from both of us:

-to leverage your time, make the most of the (volunteers) 40 hours you have at church, and (parents) the 3000 that you have at home

-avoid a culture of co-dependence (parents depend on the church to do everything for their kids spiritually, and we have acquiesced to them)

-model christ and help resource the parents (don’t just answer everything, help them find where the answers are)

-they need a hero to point them to the ultimate hero – God gave us his son so our sons can have hope.

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i’ve died and gone to heaven.

actually… i haven’t.

pantone cards and markers

normally, this is the kind of things that would make me say "i've died and gone to heaven"

phillip randoll did.

if you were at my church this sunday, then you know…

if you were not, and you want to know you can check it out here: https://vimeo.com/39998177

i ask you… who has an easter service that starts with death? we do, that’s who.

you know, lots of people go to church on just christmas and easter… so it’s possible that they have only encountered two of the stories in the entire bible. TWO! while, we can all agree that they are the two most crucial things that have ever happened… christ was born… christ died and rose again defeating death.

but the bible is about so much more. and the picture is so much bigger. it is huge.

that’s what we chose to show at my church this week.

to show that a life lived for christ has an eternal impact. that every second counts. every word. every decision. every second.

as our pastor, David Landrith, stood and shared, there was a descending ticker behind him on the screen… counting down the seconds of his life (if he were to live to age 80). WOW. it was powerful.

then to see the ripple effect of philip randoll’s life. his choice to

say yes to jesus

to become a prayer warrior to friends

to have a godly marriage

to evangelize his community

to take his family to another country to start a church.

the evidence of his life lived for Christ … that’s the kind of evidence i want to leave behind when i am gone.

when i have died and gone to heaven… i want to have left evidence of a life lived for Christ.

what do you want to leave behind when you’ve died and gone to heaven?


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hair is not a moral issue…

dwight with quint... i interviewed dwight's parents... he's an excellent man

i know some outstanding godly men… i interviewed their moms and dads about the things they did right … and the things they think they did wrong.

i’m dying to share all of what they shared, but i haven’t quite wrapped my mind entirely around all of the things i’ve learned… i have notes, and i’m working on it. i promise i will share what i learned with you. for a teaser… here are a few things that the parents all agreed on:

1 – pray, pray, pray.

2- keep ’em busy.

3- pay attention to the friends your kids are choosing.

4-make sure they are involved at church… this can’t be stressed enough, apparently.

1 Corinthians 12:25
The way God designed our bodies is a model for understanding our lives together as a church: every part dependent on every other part, the parts we mention and the parts we don’t, the parts we see and the parts we don’t. If one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing. If one part flourishes, every other part enters into the exuberance.

so, you might be wondering what i mean by “hair is not a moral issue”… i’ll tell you what it means… this was from mr. gallion (bob). essentially, things like appearance and wardrobe choices are not moral issues, not enough to lose your relationship with your kid over… save your tough love for the big things-character issues, behavior choices, things of true consequence…makes great sense, huh?

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wendy, jenny, me, susan

ahhhh. friends from church

i spent the past weekend celebrating the youth group from first baptist ft. lauderdale of the 80’s and 90’s. there was a pervading theme…

heritage. spending time with godly adults and godly friends is good. spending time serving in mission fields across teh country in this case by singing in prisons and doing back yard bible clubs is good. investing in the lives of youth in good. being a youth that allowed adults to invest in you, is very good. being a positive influence is good.

we celebrated the memories and laughed at the antics and mishaps… but we also revelled in the history represented in the room. the families that guided the ship, and the students that jumped in and paddled, too. the youth leaders and church leadership that guided with a biblical rudder… all resulted in a large group of people that have gone on to impact the kingdom of god for the sake of god.

adults: be involved. love students. give time and resources to the programs of your church. make a difference in lives that will last 25+ years… eternal difference.

students: be involved. respect adults. give time and effort to the programs of your church. make a difference in lives and allow a difference to happen in your own life that you will never forget.

we recalled songs that had been sung throughout the years… everyone pitched in and sang the harmony in all the right places.

as a parent i left knowing this…. the church is crucial to the heart of my children. friends made who share christ are eternal friends.

i left grateful for a heritage that included this church experience in my history…. wow. awesome.

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