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my family is funnier than your family…

if you don’t believe me, you haven’t watched our pathetic dance battle…

we are funny.


the funny part is that our kids asked us to do it.

i dont know about you, but usually if i so much as hint at the idea that i might start dancing, they run and hide… and say “mooooommmmm”.

so, to be asked to participate was interesting in itself.


the best part is that this evening we just sat around for 2 hours telling our embarassing stories… we are passing down our family history, through storytelling. you know i love that! but it’s awesome that our favorite stories to tell are the ones where we are humbled, learning lessons, looking silly. we want our kids to know our junk… and realize how important it is to share who you really are with people.

i’m pretty sure we didn’t set out to teach any lessons tonite, they just happened. and only in my reflection of the evening did i realize these lessons we are getting to teach.

have you shown people that it’s ok to laugh at yourself?

have you taken the time to retell stories that are embarassing, or do you pretend everything has always been perfect?

are you passing down your history through storytelling…? if you don’t, who will? 

only you can tell your stories accurately.

i hope you start being funnier 🙂


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