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new creativity challenge should you choose to accept it

alright, you ready for a challenge?

this is an exercise to stretch your mind to think of things differently, and train you to look for spiritual applications all around you.

my kids always ask me, “does everything have to be a lesson?”
the answer is “yes, if possible”.

here is how it works…

go browsing.
( remember when you were shaping with your mom and she would tell the sales lady that she was ‘was just browsing’ so she would go away? or maybe that was just me an my mom)

anyway. go browsing in a store, in your closet, in your car. and try to make a spiritual application to everything you see.

for example:
kitchen counter:
cup- God’s love for us is overflowing
bowl – serving God is an act of worship
soda-we can have pep and excitement because of the promise of eternity
candle-we should be a pleasing aroma.

take a photo of several things and tell me the application you make, or make an application to the items in the photo I’ve included.


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my teenagers taught me something again…

pokemon boystonite i had a house full of teenagers.

jackson had a few friends. (freshmen)

quint had a few friends. (juniors)

as quint and his friends were leaving, i heard a symphony of “love you’s” going back and forth among the groups.

i can’t seem to capture in words how much joy this brings me. first of all, because they have these people in their daily lives that they love so much and love them back.

most of all, because WHO DOES THAT? i can’t imagine that this is a common thing. and it wasn’t the first time. i am so grateful that they have the comfort and confidence in themselves and in their relationships that they are willing to put themselves out there, time and time again.

they have created an environment where love is part of their vernacular. and even better, they don’t just say it, they do it. you can tell that they enjoy each other, they have fun together.

grown ups… learn something from this example. learn to say the things that people need to hear and need to know. don’t assume that people know that they matter to you – tell them.

are you as good at this as my teenagers? i don’t know about you, but i’m gonna take a page out of their playbook…

love you.

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