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my family is funnier than your family…

if you don’t believe me, you haven’t watched our pathetic dance battle…

we are funny.


the funny part is that our kids asked us to do it.

i dont know about you, but usually if i so much as hint at the idea that i might start dancing, they run and hide… and say “mooooommmmm”.

so, to be asked to participate was interesting in itself.


the best part is that this evening we just sat around for 2 hours telling our embarassing stories… we are passing down our family history, through storytelling. you know i love that! but it’s awesome that our favorite stories to tell are the ones where we are humbled, learning lessons, looking silly. we want our kids to know our junk… and realize how important it is to share who you really are with people.

i’m pretty sure we didn’t set out to teach any lessons tonite, they just happened. and only in my reflection of the evening did i realize these lessons we are getting to teach.

have you shown people that it’s ok to laugh at yourself?

have you taken the time to retell stories that are embarassing, or do you pretend everything has always been perfect?

are you passing down your history through storytelling…? if you don’t, who will? 

only you can tell your stories accurately.

i hope you start being funnier 🙂


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what i learned today from my 16 year old

just run behind me, he said.

just run behind me, he said.

took my kids to the park today after work, so they could play. who knew that my teenager would teach me a lesson…

this is what happened: after some lovely bickering through the kfc drive thru, we finally got to the park. Before long they had decided to play a game of tackle football. i tried to make them play touch football. they laughed at me.


teams: kavi and jax vs. quint; blaikie was playing with her soccer ball.

after a few minutes Quint asked Blaikie to come play. (read: teenager invites his elementary aged sister to join his team, mother tears up with joy) She was scared, intimidated, resistant. She didn’t know what to do. She said “What do I do?”

He said “just run behind me.”

when the play started, he gave her the ball,  held off the opposition, and shielded her so she could run behind him safely.

This made me think about how God goes before us. When we are scared, intimidated, resistant. When we don’t know what to do. When we say “What do I do?” He says, “Just run behind me.”

he gives us the ball, runs ahead, holds off the enemy, shields us and claims the victory.

i don’t think my son was trying to teach this lesson, but i know the Holy Spirit was using Him to teach me… I think I’m gonna just run behind Him.

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what is a sister cousin?



what is a sister cousin?

well, it’s not a sister-wife. it kind of looks like this:

4 blondes. growing up with no siblings could’ve been lonely.

being a grown up with no siblings, frankly, even lonelier.

except for this: my mom was a master at making sure i stayed connected to my cousins. we spent
a lot of holidays and vacations going to wherever they happened to be. we stayed in each other’s lives because our moms are sisters, and they stayed connected. so, over the years the girls: Kimberly, Teri and Lindsay have called me a “sister” and treated me like it.

but they took it to whole “nutha” level this past week, in celebration of my 40th birthday.

before i say how, please indulge me as i spend a minute on the idea of growing up lonely as an adult – as you lose a parent (which i did several years) you start to realize you’re eventually gonna be the only one left behind in your immediate family.

you are the only person that has that parent-child relationship with a parent that is gone, so no one misses them the same way you do or knows them like you do. it’s very lonely-feeling. you don’t have anyone that is equally dealing with your loss, no one to sit in your specific sadness with. it’s just, really sad.

interestingly, my sister-cousins lost their dad, the year before i lost mine. this gave us definitely a more simliar understanding of each other’s pain and loss. it also, i believe chrystalized our bond. we had walked through the same loss.

this year, when i was about to turn 40 – the girls called and said that they were coming and we were gonna have a sister’s weekend.

as someone with no sisters, i’ve of course, never had one of these. (it’s kind of crazy that in 40 years, we have never done this before) – but they came to town… and boy did we have make a memory!

we started off laughing… and ended up laughing. it went a little something like this:

i checked into our hotel, as they were still on the way. when they arrived, Teri said “oh no, this isn’t how we’re welcoming 40 in!” after 30 minutes of jokes about a hotel that might you rent by the hour, etc. etc. The problem was, that the hotel was across from the general lee museum, but you could SEE Gaylord Opryland from the outside facing door of our hotel/motel room. The girls were not having that. They wanted to go across the street. (i’m not picky, because i was just astounded that they came all the way from louisiana and texas to be with my for 36 hours… didn’t really care where we were). However… I was more than thrilled to send a text to my friend Carla Burleson and ask her husband for help.

JB Burleson (the dad of one of Jackson’s best friends) saved the day… he called the hotel and arranged an amazing rate for a 2 night stay at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. I think my cousin Teri said “I love JB” no less than 20 times and … she was of course not talking about Justin Beiber. Our room was glorious, with a patio overlooking the Cascades conservatory. It just made everything we did more special.

-i had checked out what was going on in nashville and was thrilled to find out the Time Jumpers (kenny sears, dawn sears, vince gill, jeff taylor, joe spivey, larry frankly, paul franklin, ranger doug, andy reiss, billy thomas) were performing at 3rd and Lindsley. We ended up with the most perfect table, and my cousins almost died when they heard the talent in that small room. it’s just ridiculous… but only in nashville!.

-the next day we ate at the pharmacy, which was divine as usual. we shopped in the hillsboro village area. we visited a friend of mine from college, who now works at belmont – and checked out the campus – deciding that at least 3 of our collective children should go to school there one day. dinner at mafiozas where we ran into Thomas Bain (one of my favorite people, that i was thrilled for them to meet), went to see Jordan Reynolds (someone i co-write with occasionally, that i also wanted them to meet) play at The Basement.

-then they left. their gifts were: a clock, a compass in a treasure box, and a welcome sign.

i thought how fitting:

they travelled to see me (compass)

they took the time (clock)

they are my home, my family (welcome sign)

i have never felt so sister-loved…

i might have to write a song about that!



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my family is your family… LOVESTOCK

mi familia es su familia…

when my cousin rachel got married this past weekend it was a love fest of immense proportions.

i don’t think i can adequately describe for you the feeling of love in the air.

you see, my cousin never wanted to get married.

then she met thomas. several years later, here we are, and they are married. this is what she said…(paraphrase)

“marriage, to me, was just a contract, a document… i wanted to get married because i know how this side of my family values marriage. you all hold marriage in such high regard, that i really wanted to do this for you. i wanted to share this moment in time with you all. and as we began to plan, we began to see what marriage was really about and wanted to share this with everyone”

wow. humbling and beautiful.

and she brought her friends. 19 of them from all over the country. and we all fell in love with each other.

some were friends from nyc, where they live, some from kentucky, some from connecticut, some from austin, pittsburgh.

rachel and thomas collected people and those people love them enough to come all the way to the south.

and our family is amazing… so she knew that her friends would be welcomed with open arms.

it was enchanting.

does your family do that? welcome others with open arms?

who can you bring into your fold that needs a family?

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