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my teenagers taught me something again…

pokemon boystonite i had a house full of teenagers.

jackson had a few friends. (freshmen)

quint had a few friends. (juniors)

as quint and his friends were leaving, i heard a symphony of “love you’s” going back and forth among the groups.

i can’t seem to capture in words how much joy this brings me. first of all, because they have these people in their daily lives that they love so much and love them back.

most of all, because WHO DOES THAT? i can’t imagine that this is a common thing. and it wasn’t the first time. i am so grateful that they have the comfort and confidence in themselves and in their relationships that they are willing to put themselves out there, time and time again.

they have created an environment where love is part of their vernacular. and even better, they don’t just say it, they do it. you can tell that they enjoy each other, they have fun together.

grown ups… learn something from this example. learn to say the things that people need to hear and need to know. don’t assume that people know that they matter to you – tell them.

are you as good at this as my teenagers? i don’t know about you, but i’m gonna take a page out of their playbook…

love you.

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and that’s a rap.


wrapped a project today… 

last year jamie hamilton asked if i would design the beech bucs football program. i gladly said yes, and spent the next few weeks getting everything together and designing it… the best part was hanging out with jamie and mitzi during the process.

this summer i got a similar call and couldn’t wait to get started again. the project itself is relatively cumbersome and tedious, but the amount of time i get to spend in conversation with these two women is worth any price… so i was thrilled to do it again.

now… i sit and wait, hoping that i didn’t leave out anything crucial, that the majority of names are spelled correctly, etc. i hate that feeling of being worried about that part. but i also am thinking about what a great 2 years this has been here in hendersonville, tn.

we have all learned so much and had so many stretching and fun opportunities. more importantly we have added some really special friends to our lives. we have some people that really really matter to us and it is a blessing. life is hard, friends. stuff is hard, things that you encounter aren’t what you had in mind, but at the end of the day… if you have people… it’s better. it just is.

today i’m grateful for all of my people.

and that i turned in the final program.

now, let’s see if we have a football season.

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today was vand-tastic! holla!!

fun story… i took graduation pictures for this guy 4 years ago in texas at PCA. today i shot pictures at his graduation from vanderbilt in biomedical engineering. as with the last time… i was in an almost-state-of-tears the whole time. the way this family loves each other is compelling and so palpable. and the way that stephen loves people is obvious by the sheer number of people that greet him with a bear hug. he leaves each one with a smile and many times an “i love you”. i would hope that people would see me coming and feel like these people felt when they saw stephen. what an honor to be part of their day and capture all of the joy that they share and spread as a family.  the hollabaughs at the strawberry and champagne reception

do people feel better after they are with you?

they do when they spend one minute with this guy!

how can you focus on loving others wholly today?

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me too…

Proverbs 25:13
Reliable friends who do what they say are like cool drinks in sweltering heat—refreshing!

Friends are important. Jesus…. had friends. Jesus invested in the lives of his friends. Relationships require time and effort… but like the verse says, reliable friends who do what they say are REFRESHING!

I was sitting with the cast of the ISHINE tour this past weekend, and it really made me aware of something.

The Rubyz were talking about how fun it is to be on tour with their friends that are doing the same things they are doing… caring about music, dancing, ministering… and how hard it is to go back home. Back where not everyone understands what they are about. Why they choose a career in Christian music over the cheerleading team at their local high school…. that type of thing.

It made me think about what makes us feel connected. We feel connected when we share similar interests. We also feel connected to someone when we know their story. If you hear someone talking about a real event in their real life, you feel like you know them. So, if learning about someone else makes you feel connected to them, maybe we should make a deliberate effort to learn about the people around us. maybe we should be diligent to share who we are and what we think and care about with others. you never know what someone else has going on.

If you were in school with one of the Rubyz and you knew they were performing in front of thousands on a regular basis, you might think they had it all. You definitely wouldn’t presume that they felt “out of place” or “different than everyone else”… wow, huh?! Guess what…at the risk of a major cheese factor, “we are all in this together”.

To make a friend, you have to be a friend. To keep a friend you have to stay a friend.

Today, invest in someone, learn their story. Find a way to connect… and be refreshed.

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