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is there possibly any word less sexy than curriculum?

we are starting a new curriculum from Ishine this next week (seriously…is there possibly a less sexy word than curriculum?) with kidz at long hollow.

lhkidz volunteers ken hirth and mike shelton always go the extra mile

this time its different. because i wrote it. designed it. edited it…  and my beloved texas writing team wrote the incredible video content for it.

so… i’m nervous. i’m curious but also a little anxious. and of course i’m excited too.

here’s the thing… i believe it’s really really good. we put it together with a church’s needs in mind. the way the files are prepared, the activities, the video elements, the worship videos… etc. the lesson flows…all of it. i think it’s important. and great. and truly humbled and honored to play on the ishine playground. so i’m excited to see how it goes.

as a preperatory move, we asked our small group leaders and kidz treehouse (worship) leaders to meet tonite so we could walk through the new flow with them and show them how all the pieces fit together… and also discuss together how important it is to love the kids. i said at least 100 times…. ‘even if you don’t get all the “stuff” done we want kids to leave knowing they are loved, so that even if no one else loves them all week they will know what love is when they leave us.’

i wasn’t sure that people were really “feeling” the meeting, or enjoying the samples of the videos. there were very few questions and i just couldnt tell how people were feeling… (plus i was being insecure, i now realize) so, to be honest, i felt a little bummed.

then i started doing laundry when i got home… and in the mindlessness,  i started reflecting on who was there… and how the interactions went. then i almost cried.

see… we have four campuses, so we don’t all get together too often. i get to go around and visit them occasionally, but we dont get to hang together alot… and also, sometimes the ones that dont go to the main campus, aren’t always able to make the trip.

i was beyond thrilled (thrilled sounds like too silly of a word, it’s thrilled but something deeper… what is the word?)…. anyway, i was glad to see that friends from every campus were there. and what’s more…. i just love them. if you happen to have kids in the lhkidz ministry… wow, are your kidz in good hands!!!

i love that everyone found the time in a wednesday night just because they wanted to be able to give kids the best experience on a sunday morning that they can. i love that they hung around and talked among their groups.

gosh. i just love who they are. so much. i’m overwhelmed … so i really can’t write anything too pensive tonite…i just really want you to tell me something that you want to celebrate this week.

what? what is it that just brings you joy this week? let’s share it.

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write on!

placed together by God.

so, you know i’m a writer. and you’ve heard me talk about my writing team. but let me tell you a few more things about this team.

we have discovered that everyone has different specialties. shocking, i know. but the good thing is that we write (for the most part) without ego, owning our different strengths and weaknesses.

for example: if we need something to have great action, jason vaile is our man. if we need to make sure the story flows in the right direction with the proper arcs and circles, alan tregoning is superb at this. where do we get wild ideas and non-linear concepts… doug goodrich. for witty and poignant dialogue, paula corbello reigns supreme. what about me? well… i specialize in getting the message across, ensuring biblical accuracy (i say with great trepidation) and appropriate content. now, each of us can do these other things as well… its just that someone else we know really excels at it…. so, this is how this might play out. i would write a script that really hits the message, but send it to jason and ask him to add the funny and more action. you get the idea. it takes the team.

God has shown us favor… we have written two sitcoms for prestonwood, various other video pieces and this past spring we wrote a show for ishine Knect… and we keep writing. we have worked on shorts together. the list continues to grow.

but you know what, it takes more than the team. it takes the supernatural power of God to bring it all together… as artists it can be tempting to get boastful and proud. but i think we are hearing a consistent theme, aren’t we?

Luke 14:11 (The Message)

11 What I’m saying is, If you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face. But if you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself.”

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me too…

Proverbs 25:13
Reliable friends who do what they say are like cool drinks in sweltering heat—refreshing!

Friends are important. Jesus…. had friends. Jesus invested in the lives of his friends. Relationships require time and effort… but like the verse says, reliable friends who do what they say are REFRESHING!

I was sitting with the cast of the ISHINE tour this past weekend, and it really made me aware of something.

The Rubyz were talking about how fun it is to be on tour with their friends that are doing the same things they are doing… caring about music, dancing, ministering… and how hard it is to go back home. Back where not everyone understands what they are about. Why they choose a career in Christian music over the cheerleading team at their local high school…. that type of thing.

It made me think about what makes us feel connected. We feel connected when we share similar interests. We also feel connected to someone when we know their story. If you hear someone talking about a real event in their real life, you feel like you know them. So, if learning about someone else makes you feel connected to them, maybe we should make a deliberate effort to learn about the people around us. maybe we should be diligent to share who we are and what we think and care about with others. you never know what someone else has going on.

If you were in school with one of the Rubyz and you knew they were performing in front of thousands on a regular basis, you might think they had it all. You definitely wouldn’t presume that they felt “out of place” or “different than everyone else”… wow, huh?! Guess what…at the risk of a major cheese factor, “we are all in this together”.

To make a friend, you have to be a friend. To keep a friend you have to stay a friend.

Today, invest in someone, learn their story. Find a way to connect… and be refreshed.

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