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whats a football doing in the nativity?


Imagetoday was a good one. several weeks ago i finished a christmas song, The Night that Changed My Life,  with Perry Miears and Alisha Sheely.

the song will be featured in our christmas musical by the same name.

today we shot a music video for the song. the wise men brought the baby… a football, a teddy bear, and some taylor swift perfume. you know, treasures.

the set was wonderful. (thank you @lhworship team)

the kids were amazing.

the video is going to be beautiful… i can’t wait to see it. 

and… oh… the baby! my friend Tyler Hirth brought his baby, Hudson, to be our baby Jesus. He was more than delicious! Ah. what a night.


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i went to war

with some lhkidz tonite.

we were recording the video elements for our upcoming musical…

before it started, i talked with the 26 kids that were about to perform.

you see, we were about to tell a story that would point everyone who hears it straight to Jesus.

So, i warned them. I warned them that this would not be fun, we were going to go to work. We were about to spend several hours together, tedious hours.

Filming is hard work. I shared with them that what we were doing was going to point people to Jesus. We were going to ask people to take a WALK OF LOVE. this is the title of one of the songs in the musical, written by my friend Jeff Slaughter.

It is an amazing song, and drives home every point we wanted to make. We want people to see what Jesus did when He walked up calvary’s hill with a cross on His back that would be used to kill him… he did it for them, for us… and we are going to give people a chance to walk to Him. This was going to be a battle of epic spiritual proportions.

I told them this… “We are going to battle. And the enemy is not going to like it. Be prepared ahead of time to choose to honor God. When you are quiet when you supposed to be… this is an act of obedience. When you say the words you are supposed to say… this is an act of worship. Are you guys ready to go to battle with me?”

They said yes. Then we prayed.

We asked God to be with us as we went to battle. We asked Him to give us a supernatural ability to be what he wanted us to be. 

As we started filming, I was astounded. God gave us a yes to our prayer. The kids… all 26 of them (what?!)… listened and performed. Those with lines were amazing. They knew their lines. They delivered.

Those that didn’t have lines had an even harder job, to stay engaged the whole time. And they did it.

There were a couple of times where we paused and I reminded them we were in a battle… we even stopped and prayed once (maybe twice). We had gotten to the point of the story where we were going to be bringing home the truth… and it was getting tough. I reminded them that we were expecting this and asked them why they thought it was happening… they knew the answer… it was the enemy. 

When I tell you that we had victory in Jesus, I am not exaggerating. Through all four hours of our shoot (yes, it ran over an hour… it always does, remember how i said filming was hard work? These kids were ready for it. They were respectful, honoring and I couldn’t have been more grateful to God in His kindness towards us. 

The film crew… wow. We had done the planning and prep ahead of time, but it is still hard. Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman and Chris Long were patient, diligent, and wonderful. I know that they were pulling for us, and gave us their very best, to the very end. They came early in the morning to set everything up, then stayed to break it all down. I pray that the hours they invested in our project are returned to them in multiplication (only God can do that) S/O to Sam Cowden for his audio assistance, too… even though I called him Zac.

Our long hollow creative director, Jason Dyba, made it happen for us, and held multiple meetings with us to ensure we would have what we needed. Even stopped by a couple of times, to the delight of my cast… who greeted him with “IT’S PETER PARKER!”

It’s in Dakota Diel‘s hands now. He will be editing the footage and audio… so please pray for Him. There are a lot of bits and pieces to weave together. 

Long Hollow loves kids. In case you missed what just happened in the last three paragraphs, please allow me to break it down. the long hollow creative team gave us the best of the best and will make our project fly.

Something else really special happened … local rap group and long hollow students, the COLD CUT HOMIES (Quint Collins, Noah Hamilton, Josh Landrith and Sam Lindsey) joined us for our project. They came to our last choir rehearsal. They came tonite to play their part in the video portion. And they will join us for the live performance on Dec. 2. The kids were and are so stoked. 

This was not easy. This was a different kind of fun. It was hard work. It was a spiritual victory.

We went to battle… and God gave us victory in our process.

All of these pieces and people were giving offerings of worship.

The video shoot was our act of worship today.

What is going to be your act of worship today?



tyler scott multi-tasking like a boss! 

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thai-ing one on… in the very best way.

shine - creative arts camp

i dont know if you know this… but i’m going to thailand….

for a mission trip. i’ll be helping put on a kids camp for the children of missionaries.

you can imagine, this wont be their first rodeo. they’ve probably heard it all before. they dont need ME to tell them who esther is or what it means to put yourself on the line. they know. they are living it… so… i have been laboring over what to bring into their world – with joy. not like Laboring, laboring, more like… i’m really putting alot of effort into it. you know?! anyway…

we’re bringing them a creative arts experience!! shocking, i know! that i would go to that… but it was totally affirmed when i was trading messages today with the Long Hollow Creative Director, Jason Dyba. I asked if he thought we should focus on a bible character, or the idea of shining like stars in the universe…. not surprisingly, he too went for the stars!

so… these missionary kids in thailand are going experience a creative arts camp that i think is the beginning of something i’ve been thinking about for some time. as i was writing i was getting excited about it. i hope you will pray that they experience God in even a new way. and pray that they will feel honored by what we teach and learn together. pray that we will let them know how crucial their role is in the kingdom. pray that we have fun. for the love, pray that we have FUN!

i’ll post pics as soon as i have them. in the meantime… if you are a missionary kid or you know one… please tell me … what would you have wanted visitors to do or bring you?! i need to know. what games? what was fun to you? what was lame? what was cheesy? what should i never say? aside from the obvious, “oh, yeah, i know how you feel…” or “well, this one time, i got laughed at when i told someone i was going to church on a wednesday”….

enlightenen me, friends.

btw – i will be taking art supplies and one of my friends is still raising money for the trip – so if you are so inclined to send art supplies, or help my friend, email me and let me know. i would love to take them SHINE tshirts… if anyone wants to help with that…  if not, no worries…just remember, pray that we have FUN with Jesus.

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