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more than enough with my teenager

so… this was one of the best days… Image

we got to give quint a car to drive. not just a car. but a mustang convertible. (it is a’94 with tons of miles and lots of fun things that make it “unique” we’ll say) nonetheless, it’s a convertible! and it’s a mustang! i think we are both a little jealous, if we’re being honest.

it has been perfect convertible weather this week too. 

here’s the lesson God had for me in all of this.

my joy for quint is nearly uncontainable. truly. 

how much more joy for us does God have when he gives us undeserved gifts that are just because they are our hearts desire. 

i think for some reason we feel so unworthy of his love, that we find it hard to believe that he would bestow his kindness and abundance on us too. shouldn’t his salvation be enough? 

well… i thought about this. bringing Quint into the world is enough. meeting his physical needs for food and shelter are enough. but BOYYYYYY did it make me thrilled, to be able to give him a car he could love, which is MORE THAN ENOUGH. 

our God will give us more than enough. 

i have been songwriting for about 1.5 years now. i love it so much and can’t stop.

i really want to figure out how to sell my songs. i want it so badly that i can’t let myself think about it too often.

but right now, i’m putting a circle around it, and asking God for MORE THAN ENOUGH.

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oh. what a night!

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

recorded a new worship song last night with some amazing people in an amazing place.

Good to Me was written by me, Perry Miears and Beau Hoffman.

recorded at Moose Studios – the best place ever.

musicians – Jim VanCleve on fiddle… what a gift to have him on this song.

Josh Brown… there are not enough words to explain how much i think of him as a person and as a musician. wow.

perry miears… i have wanted to write a song with this guy from the first time i heard his voice, a couple of years ago. knowing him and his wife has been one of the great blessings of my life… and now we have written a worship song, (along with my friend Beau Hoffman) that is one of my favorite songs i ‘ve been blessed to co-write so far. it talks about a Grace that changes everything, and a God who loves us relentlessly. I can’t wait to share it… wow. what a blessing.

and super producer… Jeremy Brown. Mad Skills and the chillest guy ever. just so very grateful.

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

charting before recording our new worship song, You are Good. Jim VanCleve, Josh Brown, Perry Miears, Jeremy Brown

Jim VanCleve playing fiddle ... heaven

Jim VanCleve playing fiddle … heaven

perry miears playing moose studio musicians playing robyn and jim vancleve jim vancleve tuning a mandolin perry and brown brothers robyn and the brown brothers 2 me and perry and katy

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did you know you have a super power?

you do.

-have you ever felt powerless in the face of a seemingly insurmountable problem?

you aren’t.

you. have. prayer.

today a friend asked me to pray for her daughter, and it hit me… I can! I have the capacity to help, by praying.
which got me to the idea…
if we have prayer we have a superpower that has no kryptonite!

I love being a super hero! don’t you?

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thanking God for pain and David Edmonson

Imagemy great friend david edmonson took this photo a few years ago. i had designed the shirts and needed some shots… then we got this one at the end. 

my friend is a warrior of faith. he has been a mentor and friend for about 10 years now. today he imparted some of the best wisdom he has ever shared with me… and over the years he has shared alot.

he taught me that a smile is found in the eyes.

he taught me to under promise and over deliver.

he taught me to be generous with my gifts and talents, by his neverending example of the same. 

he taught me to show Jesus in my art. 

he has taught me so much more… but today, takes the cake.

today he told me that when things are hard, God is teaching me, wanting me to become more Christlike. He reminded me to be grateful when there are trials because they allow me to learn and become more godly. He told me that you don’t want to have to repeat the lesson, you have to learn it. He told me to be grateful for the lessons. He reminded me what love is. He told me that Paul wrote most of his letters from prison… not the mountaintop. 

I hope this encourages you, whatever pain you might be walking through, as it encourages me.

this year, my friend has experienced extreme pain and loss. He endured a life-threatening stroke. He has been forced to slow down, relearn the use of certain muscles. This year, he lost his oldest daughter. This year, he has continued to teach photographers all over the world. he has continued to win photography award after award. This year he walked his talk.

When I grow up, I want to be more like David Edmonson… and more like Christ. He taught me that. And I’m forever grateful.


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the surprising appeal of #vintagejesus

1960 print of Jesus.

1960 print of Jesus.


arguably the most recognizable painting of Jesus ever…

i found it in a discard pile yesterday and snatched it up!

on the back it says “the reapers class” merry christmas. december 25, 1960.

i’m pretty sure this is the Jesus that was on Good Times… can anyone confirm this?

in the meantime – i have gotten so many comments and likes and messages.

apparently this photo conjures up a lot of emotion. people remember this. many still have this picture hanging in their homes (or grandparents’ homes).

i got a message on facebook from my middle school hand bell teacher, glenda pogue

i thought you might be interested.

she said this: Robyn, this picture, “Head of Christ” was painted by Warner Sallman in 1941 (his first). I have always loved his paintings. He also painted “Christ at Heart’s Door”, “The Lord is My Shepherd” and “Christ in Gethsemane” and more. I’m sure you already knew this.  

For the record… I had no idea!

what are some other things from our past remind us of Jesus?

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what i learned today from my 16 year old

just run behind me, he said.

just run behind me, he said.

took my kids to the park today after work, so they could play. who knew that my teenager would teach me a lesson…

this is what happened: after some lovely bickering through the kfc drive thru, we finally got to the park. Before long they had decided to play a game of tackle football. i tried to make them play touch football. they laughed at me.


teams: kavi and jax vs. quint; blaikie was playing with her soccer ball.

after a few minutes Quint asked Blaikie to come play. (read: teenager invites his elementary aged sister to join his team, mother tears up with joy) She was scared, intimidated, resistant. She didn’t know what to do. She said “What do I do?”

He said “just run behind me.”

when the play started, he gave her the ball,  held off the opposition, and shielded her so she could run behind him safely.

This made me think about how God goes before us. When we are scared, intimidated, resistant. When we don’t know what to do. When we say “What do I do?” He says, “Just run behind me.”

he gives us the ball, runs ahead, holds off the enemy, shields us and claims the victory.

i don’t think my son was trying to teach this lesson, but i know the Holy Spirit was using Him to teach me… I think I’m gonna just run behind Him.

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the shirt off my back and a recent epiphany


i have seen something that i can’t wait to share.

i love when excellence reigns where God resides.


My friend, extraordinary singer/songwriter (and more importantly human being) Randall goodgame has wrapped all of his talent, wisdom and knowledge around the inerrant word of God. He has taken some beautiful lessons from God and surrounded them with melody and timing that give them yet a new life… God’s word is a living thing.*

He has honored God with the choice to make an entire album of songs, with scripture-only verses and chorus. And thank the LORD… because it’s freaking awesome.


TWO SHIRTS is a song about serving others. It is about what is really important in eternity. It teaches selflessness, love and sharing. The enchanting melody places it firmly in your mind and heart, where it can change you from the inside out. I’m so thankful to have this song in the hard drive of my mind, to recall when I’m struggling with any of these things, and so grateful that my kids will have it too.



(luke 3:11)

anyone who has two shirts, should share with the one who has none.

anyone who has food should do the same

(mark 9:35)

anyone who wants to be first, must be the very last

and the servant of all, the servant of all


(matthew 6:19-21)

do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth

where moth and rust destroy

where theives break in and steal

store up for yourselves treasures in heaven

for where your treasure is, there your heart will be

*my recent epiphany:

i was talking to a friend about my job. i’m a kids creative minister. i usually say “i get to find as many ways as i possibly can to tell an eternal story that everyone already knows.” what hit me when i was talking to my friend is that the bible really is a living thing. how else could we continue to find new ways to share it’s truths? it’s a mindblowing realization to me.

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This weekend we changed that.

lhkidz treehouse logo

lhkidz treehouse logo

last week while putting the finishing touches on the script for the weekend worship experience in treehouse it hit me. we don’t offer an opportunity to respond to the truth we are so diligent to teach every week. we tell them about a Savior. Heaven. Jesus. Eternity. Sin. Forgiveness. Redemption. Love. We do this all the time. We speak the gospel unapologetically every week… but we don’t always ask if anyone wants to respond. we don’t offer them a chance to say “yes”.

we do have frequent weeks that we identify as “this one is a salvation message, so let’s give them a chance to respond” … but not every week. what if a kid is only there once? and what if we didn’t tell them how to say yes to Jesus… Understand, i believe that God is going to do his work regardless of whether we do ours… the question is whether or not we get to participate, experience His work with him. Have we been missing opportunities to be part of his reaping… Have we cost children the access to eternity by not giving them a chance to say yes.

This weekend we changed that. We decided to give them a chance whenever they are here, and they hear the gospel … to say yes. Yesterday… 35 kids said yes to Jesus.

Understand me, these are not kindgergartners or 1st graders. We didn’t ask them, because we want to make sure they aren’t making a decision to please us, younger kids can do that sometimes, but rather because they want to enter into life with Jesus.

Also… this was not an emotional, mountain top experience… this was straight-up spiritual leaders (hosts and small group teachers) leading the kids in their care to the Savior.

And that… wrecks me.

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a lame word for an awesome thing

the christmas family tree

LINEAGE: a lame word for an awesome thing.

our plan for this christmas season…

we wanted to tell the Christmas story… but we also had these crucial old testament and new testament stories we wanted to tell… and we realized they were all people in the line of Christ…

wonderful! we are teaching through the lineage of christ… God…. to Jesus … to You.

By the end of the year, our kids will see how all of these Bible heroes are connected, even to them, if they believe in Jesus. Just look at what we get to learn.


11/11 – Noah: Obedience will save your life.
11/18 – Abraham/Sarah/Isaac/Ishmael: God has a better plan than ours
11/25 – Rahab/boaz/ruth- God has already rescued us
12/2 – Jesse/David/Solomon – God’s cares about what is in your heart.
12/9 – Uzziah – Pride will take you down
12/16 – Josiah – You’re never too young to do what’s right.
12/23 – Mary & Joseph – God will use you for his miracles.

This tree will be in each treehouse. The names that are in white will be covered, and each week as we get closer to Jesus they will be revealed. Can’t wait to tell them how these are their ancestors, too.

i designed this, so i would be happy to send these files to anyone that wants to print them out, use them with their kids.

shout out to susie hawkins for telling me to do the lineage my way…

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what’s so good about this friday?

without this friday… there is no sunday.

without sunday… there is no resurrection.

without resurrection… there is no salvation.

without salvation… there is no heaven.

there is hell. that’s it.

that’s what so good about this friday.

if this doesn’t make sense to you, then we need to talk.

it means that i haven’t shared the most important thing i know, with you.

and that is on me, not you. if i have encountered you, spent time with you, cared about you… but haven’t shared the story of forgiveness with you i am at fault.

if you know the story of forgiveness and chose not to receive it…that is on you.

friends that know Jesus… tell everyone you know what’s so good about this Friday.

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