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i’m drinking from the saucer

when my friend ashley had her third child, i asked “how ya doing?”

her reply “i’m drinking from the saucer.”


she said her cup was so overflowing that she was drinking from the saucer.


that’s how i felt last night after our UP IN MY TREEHOUSE musical.

i was drinking from the saucer.

after months of practice and preparation, of songs and motions the choir delivered. the kids were so good.

after months and months of practice, filming, editing, the actors delivered. the narrative part of the show was touching and poignant, and such a blessing.

as part of our program, we had mustache-on-a-sticks and kazoos.

i made a deal with the choir on the front end that if they didn’t misuse their prop, or use it at the wrong time… they could keep it when we were done. everyone got to keep their props.

the songs were great.

one of the songs, i got to co-write with curt campbell. jeremy brown produced the song. alex shot a music video for us. the whole thing was a blast from beginning to end. you can get a free download of our song here: http://www.longhollow.com/articles/read/800

the other songs are a group of brilliantly written songs from the SLUGS & BUGS UNDER WHERE? album. songs like Mexican Rhapsody and Ninja got a strong response.

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up in my treehouse…

up in my treehouse

oh. friends. i can’t freaking wait for you to hear the new treehouse song!

(my friend curt campbell and I wrote it)

as soon as it is available for free download i will let you know.

it is so catchy and fun and says exactly what i wanted it to say.

we are using the song to open our spring musical. the musical is set in a treehouse… 4 kids are spending their last day before middle school opening up their time capsule from kindergarten: THE REVERED TIME CAPSULE OF KINDERGARTENESS.

except for the title song, all of the remaining songs are some of my very favorites from Slugs & Bugs, Underwhere. with titles like ‘Ninja’, ‘Mexican Rhapsody’ and God Makes Messy Things Beautiful … people should be prepared to be enchanted.

the kids are loving the songs. i’m loving the music (which is really good because i have heard each of these songs 1000 times, at least)… and the best part is that we get to point to Christ. with a song about cheese dip! and an all-the-faraway in my backyard treehouse … it’s going to be fun.

i’ve been working on the poster today… thought i would share it.

what are you so excited about today that you want to make a poster?!

if you tell me… maybe i’ll just design a poster for you!

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