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i love love

i love love

i love stories
i love when people are good at love
i love making someone feel loved
i love feeling loved
i especially love writing songs about love. and i do it a lot.

what i love today, is that we just finished a day camp experience where i know a lot of kids knew we loved them… and because of that, their perception of church, and their perception of God … is that it’s where you go to be loved.

i hope you feel loved.
i don’t know about you, but i’m gonna write a song about it…

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whats a football doing in the nativity?


Imagetoday was a good one. several weeks ago i finished a christmas song, The Night that Changed My Life,  with Perry Miears and Alisha Sheely.

the song will be featured in our christmas musical by the same name.

today we shot a music video for the song. the wise men brought the baby… a football, a teddy bear, and some taylor swift perfume. you know, treasures.

the set was wonderful. (thank you @lhworship team)

the kids were amazing.

the video is going to be beautiful… i can’t wait to see it. 

and… oh… the baby! my friend Tyler Hirth brought his baby, Hudson, to be our baby Jesus. He was more than delicious! Ah. what a night.


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what i’m learning from a kid i never met

super dylan ... a boy i never met preaches to me every day.

super dylan … a boy i never met preaches to me every day.

I never met Super Dylan… but he continues to teach me every day.

he fought a valiant fight with cancer.

now he is perfectly healed. in heaven.

and i think about him all the time.

his family did an excellent job of sharing his journey and his life with a very thorough blog. http://dylan.ericdavid.info/Home/updates

interestingly… i only kind of know his parents, but we share a history. we were at samford at the same time. we studied some of the same things. so i somehow got connected to them, and fell in love with their boy and the lessons he taught in his short life. his main message was “remember always to love”.

now, if you know me at all, then you know i talk about LOVE alot. I talk about what it means, how important it is to remember that everyone has a story, and we should approach them in love. for some reason, this particular sentiment is rocking my world. because love is hard. and you have to remind yourself to give love.

this wonderful testimony by this boy who was facing his morality and the promise of eternity around the corner every day inspires me, encourages me, and i think about him every day.

tomorrow i get to talk to my team of treehouse volunteers about the upcoming year. i can’t wait to talk about GRACE, and all that grace gives us. Grace covers us. Grace is for all of us. Grace cannot be earned. And I can’t wait to share this idea to REMEMBER ALWAYS TO LOVE, as I encourage them to be prepared to extend the grace that God has given us, to others.

ahhhhh. dylan. thank you for saying this. and preaching with your life.

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the graceful dead.


i’m kind of geeking out with excitement about something I’m working on right now.

i’m so obsessed, overwhelmed, grateful, awash … and swimming in the truths of grace.

what it means. how it translates to every day life. ahhhh… just so grateful.

lately, i’ve read so many amazing things about grace.

i know why the song “amazing grace” was written. in fact, i just finished a worship song with this lyric “your graced changed everything”.

anyway… emmy, beau and i have been working on ways to share with the kids in our world and along came the idea for the Graceful Dead bear band. the verse: to live is Christ and to die is gain, is the verse that supports the name. 

once i drew them, and the art was in place i got even more excited. 

the stories are going to be amazing. and the grace will be flowing. ah. cant wait.



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brittani with two i’s

brittani with two i's

i can’t wait for lhkidz camp.
we are debuting a video with these two.

what a team!
they have been bosiah and mary joseph, bobo ukelele handsome and princess heart pockets, and now they are bringing it strong as turbo and brittani with two i’s.

they think they are going to cheer camp, but they end up at church camp! divine intervention, much?

hoping that kids will see the fun and freedom of a life of faith in Jesus.

we’ve been brainstorming every activity and moment for months.
we have planned and prepared. practiced and pursued excellence.
now we get to watch it unfold. i can’t wait.
and i’m so grateful for my acting superstars. Beau Hoffman and Emmy Hendrick,

they always say yes, and they have become crucial writing partners for me.
i love them so much and am so grateful for this moment in time that we have to work together.

who do you collaborate with?
who makes everything you do better just by being involved?

tell them. and appreciate what you have while you have it.

bookmark this link, because i’ll be posting the new videos each day. https://vimeo.com/lhbcchildren

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dont burst my balloon…

Imagethese balloons weren’t actually for me… but since they were part of the good friday experience we had a couple of weeks ago – on my birthday – it was a good time for a pic. who doesn’t love balloons!

speaking of good friday – i’ve talked about this a little bit online, but wanna capture my whole thought… my pastor (who is in recovery from his surgery yesterday) loves us so much. he planned something for our church staff family that i have never known of another group doing (i’m sure they have, i just don’t know about it). he planned a brunch for our staff families on good friday, then we went together to the first of our 21 services that would be coming over the Easter weekend experience. 

how brilliant – we were about to be spent emotionally and spiritually by an arduous schedule, in the most important weekend of the church year – so we got together to prepare for the battle ahead by loving each other. 

it makes so much sense to prepare for battle like that. don’t you think?

what ways do you prepare yourself for battle each day? each week? for big things. 

understand this… there is an enemy that does not want the story of hope and eternal salvation to be spread, he is going to go against you. you must be prepared to fight.

cue the fight song : long hollow kids : https://soundcloud.com/rbcwrites/fight

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here is why i’m geeking out about vbs!

lhkidz vbs logo










You know, VBS is always a fun time, and we have done some great ones with our lhkidz… but this year… I can’t even explain to you how excited I’m getting. It’s going to be amazing.

We really love missions at long hollow. There are constantly trips heading around the world to share the truth of Jesus. There are also contant local missions going on. We take our job to spread the gospel to the world very seriously. To that end… we have been planning an amazing week for the kids that are going to be with us for vbs.

I can’t quit talking about it (apologies to those who cross my path anytime soon). We are partnering with the @longhollowgo team to bring the stories and realities that they face when they GO to our kids.

Our world tour is going to take us to the orphanages and opportunities that we are participating all over the world.  our message to the world, GOD LOVES YOU, so much that he sent his son for you.

After talking to Erica Ho this week, I got even more excited, and I realized something.

I’ve been writing VBS lessons for our missions teams for almost 1.5 years. The team wanted to be strategic about what we are teaching kids, and intentional about not repeating the same old stories. The lessons they have been getting are geared toward their circumstances (which are much different than american kids – for example, you can’t use a lot of examples of parents and siblings, traditional schools, and the other stuff that we normally use to teach our kids), and they have become discipleship lessons, not only evangelism. Of course we share the need for salvation, we are always talking about that, but we get to go deeper. These are our kids.

anyway… every team that goes to haiti or uganda, and even our student mission trips teaches a VBS experience. with that being said… I’m going to be recruiting and pushing our long hollow go team members to join us for VBS here at home. Let’s call it on-the-job training. You have a mission field every day. Come serve in it. If you haven’t participated in VBS before, now is the time. Learn how to lead kids to Christ. Learn how to teach the truths of the Bible in clear terms that anyone could understand. Participate in the miracles God is doing here at home, and take the lessons that you learn out into the world.

That’s what our kids are going to be learning at this years GOD LOVES YOU WORLD TOUR VBS EXPERIENCE.

And I just can’t wait!! Trust me when I tell you the lessons are going to change your life. The opportunity to see the lost be found, and then watch them grow… well, that’s my daily blessing. I don’t want anyone to miss it.

Now, if you don’t live here and go to Long Hollow, you are not off the hook. VBS is your local mission trip.

Have you Signed yourself up for this mission trip at your church? Don’t wait.

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“don’t waste my cancer”



my pastor, David Landrith, was diagnosed last week with a very agressive, very deadly cancer.

the outlook… is grimm.

except for one thing… God.

God is all powerful and the author of our lives. He is the giver of peace, and the doer of miracles.

you would not believe the sermon this man of God preached on sunday. you have to hear it to believe it:


I’d list the main points, but i want you to listen. instead I want to tell you some of the reasons I personally love him so much, and count it a privilege to beg God to heal him.

-the first time i was meeting him, before i came to work at Long Hollow he said to me “we need you more than you need us”. while i now know this isn’t really the case… the humility and kindness behind this sentiment showed me the character of the man I would soon serve under.

-we have a parking problem at long hollow because so many people are coming to hear about Jesus every week. as a result we have to park off-campus. and even though he is there before anyone else, and leaves last, he always parks in the least convenient off-campus parking spot he can find. again, an example of servant leadership.

-every year he sends a hand written birthday card to each of my children ( i have 4, that’s a lot of kids) he does this for every staff child.

-he always asks about my family and my husband, by name. because he loves them too.

-he is the same on the stage, or in the hallway, or watching a football game. he is the “real”est leader I have ever known.

-he never stops pointing to christ, sharing the truth of the gospel and defending his people. his loyalty is reknowned.

please join me in begging God for the miracle of healing, although Brother David said it best “I’m already cured of the most deadly disease, my sin nature.”

He told us not to waste his cancer but to get out there and share the truth of the gospel.

there are people dying who won’t go to heaven unless they say yes to Jesus.

I love my pastor. Please pray with me.


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i heard the voice of God today

kind of.

this is what happened.

we are in the midst of practicing for the drama portion of our new musical.

we are filming it on Saturday. Awesome!

BUT… the person that was supposed to play the part of “pastor” … is going to be in Uganda. What to do?!

Sharon, one of our ministry assistants walked by and it reminded me of her husband Paul. Paul is a singer, who serves in our worship team and brings his excellence to long hollow… and as you might imagine, he has a beautiful voice. I asked her to ask if he would join us on Saturday in the “pastor” role.

well… we started our rehearsal, and it was great. the kids are killing it in their parts! they get the characters and they know how to deliver the lines.

i had  been reading the part of “pastor” for the sake of our rehearsal… then PAUL got there!

first, let me explain that i have  been laboring over this script for months. with intense attention to detail and making sure that there is not ONE extra word, and not ONE word that we are missing. I really like to make sure that we are crystal clear in our messaging, while keeping it interesting.

In the climax of the show, the characters are finally being told where they were missing the mark… (the premise of the musical is that we are meant to share Jesus with others, and there are several things that we do, as Christians that we think are “sharing” but really aren’t.) I had edited the lessons down to these single sentence responses. Well, when i was reading them in our table read tonite, i was concerned that the responses didn’t convey enough gravity, didn’t quite teach what I wanted to teach. I was concerned that the lessons weren’t being delivered because of the succinctness of the lines, and wondered if I needed to add more.

THEN PAUL READ THE LINES… and I almost cried. His deep Island-flavored voice delivered the lines with such depth and gravity that the lessons were delivered perfectly.

When I said the sentences they were functional, when Paul delivered the lines they were sermons. They were shared with love and intensity, just by the tone of his voice. I literally felt like I was hearing the voice of God.

here is an example of what I mean:

Tory says “I showed him love, I gave him my milk and he didn’t even ask me about Jesus.”

Pastor paul says “People that don’t know Jesus, aren’t going to ask you about Jesus. You have to tell them.”

BOOM! Man, I’m still wrecked by God’s goodness when he gave us Paul to deliver this message… it is now what it is meant to be. And I’m humbly grateful.

What happened in your life today to make you grateful for God’s goodness?

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what i meant by a recent tweet…

lhkidz choir musical logo
praylovetell band

this was an amazing week…

i’ve been working on a musical for several
months now, with my friend Jake Harstfield. Also, Jordan Reynolds has been writing with us.

This week, we started recording the tracks. We have been practicing with iphone recordings… so our choir director, Carol Goad, is going to be especially stoked when she hears what was going on in the studio.

I tweeted earlier this week that I love when kids get excellence, then I listed some names… I love this blog because I can elaborate a little bit more. These guys killed it! They brought their brilliance and years of musical experience to our musical. Josh Robinson was ridiculous at drummer… Matt Campbell was amazing on the bass… Alex Edwards was magical on electric guitar. Jake was the production genius and Jeremy Brown was his usual wonderful gracious self as host, this time… and thanks to Jim “Moose” Brown for letting us get it all done in his studio, Moose Lodge. I’m overwhelmed with all of it. So grateful to be able to give kids the best! @lhkidz are important at Long Hollow, and we do everything we can to give them the best opportunities to experience worship and evangelism… this is one of those ways.

The musical is called Pray.Love.Tell.Jesus because it is all about sharing your faith in Christ with others.

The characters go through a series of events where they don’t quite understand what it means to share… by the end we all learn what it means…

I simply cannot wait to hear them “preach it” with their musical.

Let’s go! You gotta c’mon!




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