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what’s so great about camp, anyway.

lhkidz camp – road trip experience – experiencing God

we’ve been calling families for two solid days to invite them to lhkidz camp.

i wish i could speak to each and every person myself and share the importance of camp with them… but that is simply not possible. i thought i would share here, so i can hash out how i really feel, share it with you and hopefully encourage people to make an eternal investment in their kids.

i’m going to give some bullet points, but here is my succint emotional appeal and belief:

Going away with church friends takes relationships at church to a whole new level. It allows kids to have conversations about God that they normally would never have. It allows them to hang out with kids they don’t normally see in class because they might be at a different hour or different campus. Camp is about eternal relationships. It gives kids the greatest opportunity to find those forever friends they might have missed. It is safe. There is no team, no sports camp, no lesson you can sign your kid up for that will give them more of eternal value in such a short time.

I really don’t want any kid to miss the infusion in their heart, that camp provides.

personally… my kids are still connected to the people that they met in camp, their small group leaders, the kids in their cabin. it’s a marker in their lives. personally, i have my own fond memories from camp… don’t you?

consider these things:

-camp is a place that they get away from electronics, couchsitting, television and the distractions fall away allowing them to focus differently on friends, fun and God.

-camp is where the things of the church, the gospel get to come alive and be seen as FUN.

-at camp you get to spend quality time with friends, and you make new friends… you see people differently when they are sweating next to you, or singing next to you.

-at camp you meet adults that love Jesus enough to spend the week with you, more role models, more people to connect with when you get back to church.

-at camp you get to be messy. and loud. and artistic. and creative. and you get to laugh.

-at camp you get to really know pastor jason, me, and the rest of our team.

common reasons people say no:

1 – i don’t have the money.

ok, i hear you on that. the thing is, there are scholarship opportunities and other options like Kroger Cares dollars. the bottom line is we don’t want your kid to miss camp because of money, so let’s see if we can get you some help.

2 – my child doesn’t want to be away from me. (also read: “i don’t want my child to be away from me”)

here’s the thing, there are lots of things we do for and with our kids that aren’t their first choice or what they thought they wanted. we don’t let them stay up all night or eat only junkfood, because we know best. we see the big picture.

don’t let fear stop you from doing something for your child that might be the richest thing they can do, spiritually speaking, all summer.

i just don’t want your kids to miss out. that’s all.




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so, heart calls a meeting…

we have been learning about the church as a living organism for the last two weeks.

this week we are learning about being many parts in one body… so naturally we thought we would create a short about giant body parts…

so… the body parts are grumbling about their particular roles, foot really wants to be a hand, eye is rude to everyone and ear feels unloved. heart decides to call a meeting…

each character learns that they are important… just as each person is important in the body of of the church… even though it does sound like a science fiction novel to have many people in one body…

(the irony is that each of these actors are very active as they function within the church body in one accord. i have been impressed for the past year with the lives they each are leading and knew that they would be the best ones to tell the story)

tyler scott is the shooter and editor… and we can’t wait to see the finished product. it’s going to rock the treehouse here, then make its’ way to jeremie, haiti – for our kids there!

i’m so excited about the lesson, the crazy visuals and the creativity of this project…

because nothing beats a good heart!

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thai-ing one on… in the very best way.

shine - creative arts camp

i dont know if you know this… but i’m going to thailand….

for a mission trip. i’ll be helping put on a kids camp for the children of missionaries.

you can imagine, this wont be their first rodeo. they’ve probably heard it all before. they dont need ME to tell them who esther is or what it means to put yourself on the line. they know. they are living it… so… i have been laboring over what to bring into their world – with joy. not like Laboring, laboring, more like… i’m really putting alot of effort into it. you know?! anyway…

we’re bringing them a creative arts experience!! shocking, i know! that i would go to that… but it was totally affirmed when i was trading messages today with the Long Hollow Creative Director, Jason Dyba. I asked if he thought we should focus on a bible character, or the idea of shining like stars in the universe…. not surprisingly, he too went for the stars!

so… these missionary kids in thailand are going experience a creative arts camp that i think is the beginning of something i’ve been thinking about for some time. as i was writing i was getting excited about it. i hope you will pray that they experience God in even a new way. and pray that they will feel honored by what we teach and learn together. pray that we will let them know how crucial their role is in the kingdom. pray that we have fun. for the love, pray that we have FUN!

i’ll post pics as soon as i have them. in the meantime… if you are a missionary kid or you know one… please tell me … what would you have wanted visitors to do or bring you?! i need to know. what games? what was fun to you? what was lame? what was cheesy? what should i never say? aside from the obvious, “oh, yeah, i know how you feel…” or “well, this one time, i got laughed at when i told someone i was going to church on a wednesday”….

enlightenen me, friends.

btw – i will be taking art supplies and one of my friends is still raising money for the trip – so if you are so inclined to send art supplies, or help my friend, email me and let me know. i would love to take them SHINE tshirts… if anyone wants to help with that…  if not, no worries…just remember, pray that we have FUN with Jesus.

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i witnessed a miracle yesterday…

you wouldn’t believe me unless you saw it… but something insane happened in little treehouse yesterday…

little treehouse is a place where kinder and 1st graders come to worship God in a multi-media worship experience. a host welcomes them and guides them through the time. a praise team comes to bring the truths of the bible through song, a puppet(s) teach lessons through applications and videos help round out the experience… something for everyone. it’s all written,  planned, staged, prepped for, prayed about, ..

sometimes, they come just for an experience.

apparently, there are days when you are in kindergarten or first grade and you hear music, you are apt to lose your mind. yesterday started out as one of these days.

when this happens… you don’t want to listen to the adults around you. oft times you do what you want to do (because lets face it … most of them are still run by the sin nature)… alas… it can get hairy (wow, that’s an old lady word) but let me tell you, it can get hairy in there.

THEN… amidst the chaos –

there was peace… and listening… and worshipping… WHAT?!!!!

only moments before it happened, there was a havoc being wreaked (is it allowed to say it like that?!).

mayhem abounded… cats and dogs living together… it was hysteria.

then we brought in the boundaries, we guided the kids to stay in their seats, but raise their hearts and voices. we helped them with guidelines that they could manage… then the praise team began to lead them in HERE I AM TO WORSHIP… and HOLY COW!!!!! the holy spirit was clearly there. their little minds and bodies stilled while they sang in sweet and tender voices this beautiful song. it was truly a miracle. no less than the parting of the red sea… i’m just saying!!! God was hanging out in treehouse this weekend… and we are grateful.

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why they call it the volunteer state

backstage family

backstage family

so… its no secret if you know me that the collins family are alabama fans. roll tide roll.

and the fact that the school colors, hence the football jersey that quint will wear for the next 5 years is navy and orange… is just funny.

but football aside (as if that is an actual possibility?)… but seriously… this is not about tennessee football, or even alabama football for that matter. this is about the reason i think the name VOLUNTEER STATE fits so perfectly.

i had a meeting last night with 15 volunteers from a satellite campus – white house.

last week i had a meeting with the childrens creative volunteers from another satellite campus – gallatin

the week before that i had a meeting with leadership of all teams… and this coming friday we will have volunteer training “midnight train”…

i have been astounded, amazed, impressed and blessed by the hearts to serve that i have been meandering through. people that love a program and children so much that they are commited every week to making sure that an eternal message is  delivered by the  most effective means available.

so when i think of tennessee being the volunteer state… i will think of these people. this team. this growing organism that is the long hollow childrens ministry. dare i say i’m proud to be a tennessee volunteer… (ha… )