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tonite at beech camp…. tomorrow on espn

lame mashup of Beech High School and Station Camp high school names.

beech bucs socks

beech bucs socks

but wow. what a night.

so… i live in a land where friday night lights is a way of life.

everyone comes to the high school football games, even if they don’t have kids playing, or even attending the school.

it’s part of the culture.

we have a couple of area rivals… the three big schools in our area are:


tomorrow Beech plays Station Camp.. and it’s going to be on ESPN. it’s a big deal.

tonite our church, Long Hollow, hosted a tailgate event honoring both schools, feeding the players and coaches from both teams, and sharing testimonies from both quarterbacks.

it’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve personally experienced.

imagine your rival high school, now imagine getting together before the game for a joint tailgate. they eat, they listen to music. they hang out.

now imagine that they go into a worship service together, will all their fans, and someone gets to share the love of Christ to all of you together… after you have just worshipped with music, singing together. it’s miraculous.

i’m a writer, but i’m almost at a loss for words to capture this.

what’s the most unlikely place you could find love? you might think among rivals… but it wasn’t tonite.

go wherever love is missing, and bring some.

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dont burst my balloon…

Imagethese balloons weren’t actually for me… but since they were part of the good friday experience we had a couple of weeks ago – on my birthday – it was a good time for a pic. who doesn’t love balloons!

speaking of good friday – i’ve talked about this a little bit online, but wanna capture my whole thought… my pastor (who is in recovery from his surgery yesterday) loves us so much. he planned something for our church staff family that i have never known of another group doing (i’m sure they have, i just don’t know about it). he planned a brunch for our staff families on good friday, then we went together to the first of our 21 services that would be coming over the Easter weekend experience. 

how brilliant – we were about to be spent emotionally and spiritually by an arduous schedule, in the most important weekend of the church year – so we got together to prepare for the battle ahead by loving each other. 

it makes so much sense to prepare for battle like that. don’t you think?

what ways do you prepare yourself for battle each day? each week? for big things. 

understand this… there is an enemy that does not want the story of hope and eternal salvation to be spread, he is going to go against you. you must be prepared to fight.

cue the fight song : long hollow kids : https://soundcloud.com/rbcwrites/fight

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“don’t waste my cancer”



my pastor, David Landrith, was diagnosed last week with a very agressive, very deadly cancer.

the outlook… is grimm.

except for one thing… God.

God is all powerful and the author of our lives. He is the giver of peace, and the doer of miracles.

you would not believe the sermon this man of God preached on sunday. you have to hear it to believe it:


I’d list the main points, but i want you to listen. instead I want to tell you some of the reasons I personally love him so much, and count it a privilege to beg God to heal him.

-the first time i was meeting him, before i came to work at Long Hollow he said to me “we need you more than you need us”. while i now know this isn’t really the case… the humility and kindness behind this sentiment showed me the character of the man I would soon serve under.

-we have a parking problem at long hollow because so many people are coming to hear about Jesus every week. as a result we have to park off-campus. and even though he is there before anyone else, and leaves last, he always parks in the least convenient off-campus parking spot he can find. again, an example of servant leadership.

-every year he sends a hand written birthday card to each of my children ( i have 4, that’s a lot of kids) he does this for every staff child.

-he always asks about my family and my husband, by name. because he loves them too.

-he is the same on the stage, or in the hallway, or watching a football game. he is the “real”est leader I have ever known.

-he never stops pointing to christ, sharing the truth of the gospel and defending his people. his loyalty is reknowned.

please join me in begging God for the miracle of healing, although Brother David said it best “I’m already cured of the most deadly disease, my sin nature.”

He told us not to waste his cancer but to get out there and share the truth of the gospel.

there are people dying who won’t go to heaven unless they say yes to Jesus.

I love my pastor. Please pray with me.


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i heard the voice of God today

kind of.

this is what happened.

we are in the midst of practicing for the drama portion of our new musical.

we are filming it on Saturday. Awesome!

BUT… the person that was supposed to play the part of “pastor” … is going to be in Uganda. What to do?!

Sharon, one of our ministry assistants walked by and it reminded me of her husband Paul. Paul is a singer, who serves in our worship team and brings his excellence to long hollow… and as you might imagine, he has a beautiful voice. I asked her to ask if he would join us on Saturday in the “pastor” role.

well… we started our rehearsal, and it was great. the kids are killing it in their parts! they get the characters and they know how to deliver the lines.

i had  been reading the part of “pastor” for the sake of our rehearsal… then PAUL got there!

first, let me explain that i have  been laboring over this script for months. with intense attention to detail and making sure that there is not ONE extra word, and not ONE word that we are missing. I really like to make sure that we are crystal clear in our messaging, while keeping it interesting.

In the climax of the show, the characters are finally being told where they were missing the mark… (the premise of the musical is that we are meant to share Jesus with others, and there are several things that we do, as Christians that we think are “sharing” but really aren’t.) I had edited the lessons down to these single sentence responses. Well, when i was reading them in our table read tonite, i was concerned that the responses didn’t convey enough gravity, didn’t quite teach what I wanted to teach. I was concerned that the lessons weren’t being delivered because of the succinctness of the lines, and wondered if I needed to add more.

THEN PAUL READ THE LINES… and I almost cried. His deep Island-flavored voice delivered the lines with such depth and gravity that the lessons were delivered perfectly.

When I said the sentences they were functional, when Paul delivered the lines they were sermons. They were shared with love and intensity, just by the tone of his voice. I literally felt like I was hearing the voice of God.

here is an example of what I mean:

Tory says “I showed him love, I gave him my milk and he didn’t even ask me about Jesus.”

Pastor paul says “People that don’t know Jesus, aren’t going to ask you about Jesus. You have to tell them.”

BOOM! Man, I’m still wrecked by God’s goodness when he gave us Paul to deliver this message… it is now what it is meant to be. And I’m humbly grateful.

What happened in your life today to make you grateful for God’s goodness?

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SWAG!! kidmin

Imagetoday we started an amazing series. the swag series.

SWAG stands for Spiritual Warrior Academy of God – Princess Heart Pockets and Bobo Ukelele Handsome are learning scripture and their bibles, so they will be ready to fight the enemy. LHKIDZ are learning alongside them. 

i’m so stoked for this project, but also, knowing that there will be warfare.

we are ready for it… 

here’s the link, if you want to watch the first episode…

the teacher comes on live, after they watch this, and tells the story of Nehemiah.

Our new Armor of God song is awesome too! email if you want me to send it to you. it’s called FIGHT! 

so fun!

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This weekend we changed that.

lhkidz treehouse logo

lhkidz treehouse logo

last week while putting the finishing touches on the script for the weekend worship experience in treehouse it hit me. we don’t offer an opportunity to respond to the truth we are so diligent to teach every week. we tell them about a Savior. Heaven. Jesus. Eternity. Sin. Forgiveness. Redemption. Love. We do this all the time. We speak the gospel unapologetically every week… but we don’t always ask if anyone wants to respond. we don’t offer them a chance to say “yes”.

we do have frequent weeks that we identify as “this one is a salvation message, so let’s give them a chance to respond” … but not every week. what if a kid is only there once? and what if we didn’t tell them how to say yes to Jesus… Understand, i believe that God is going to do his work regardless of whether we do ours… the question is whether or not we get to participate, experience His work with him. Have we been missing opportunities to be part of his reaping… Have we cost children the access to eternity by not giving them a chance to say yes.

This weekend we changed that. We decided to give them a chance whenever they are here, and they hear the gospel … to say yes. Yesterday… 35 kids said yes to Jesus.

Understand me, these are not kindgergartners or 1st graders. We didn’t ask them, because we want to make sure they aren’t making a decision to please us, younger kids can do that sometimes, but rather because they want to enter into life with Jesus.

Also… this was not an emotional, mountain top experience… this was straight-up spiritual leaders (hosts and small group teachers) leading the kids in their care to the Savior.

And that… wrecks me.

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a B attitude.

props from You Are Blessed video shoot

props from You Are Blessed video shoot

on the off chance that you didn’t see it in a tweet, on my facebook or in an email, i wanted to post a link to my new music video.

a few weeks ago when we decided we wanted to teach the Beatitudes to start the year, i really wanted a song that would allow kids to learn the songs.

so beau picked up a guitar and we got writing… we read multiple versions of the bible and found different ways to communicate them. because they aren’t simple. they require explanation, they dont use words that are typically used to describe things. once we ran across the phrase “all heaven applauds” we knew what to do. mostly.

so… beau made some recordings.

i recorded some scratch vocals using my phone over the recording to send to jeremy.

jeremy, beau and josh performed and recorded the instruments. jeremy made them wonderful.

yesterday, brooke recorded the vocals with jeremy (i’m in there for the ‘hey hey hey’). last night jeremy sent me the song.

this morning i talked to emmy and made a plan for the video… was planning to use my phone camera because i didn’t have a video camera. talked to dyba about background, and he said brian zimmerman would be available to help instead (he shuddered at my phone suggestion)

emmy and i got the props ready. at 3:15 brian shot the video. at 5:00 i uploaded a completed lyric video to the dropbox for use on all of our campuses! whew! what an awesome turn of events.

thought you might find it interesting. i’m just standing here in awe of God and friends that made so much effort to coordinate the details of this project.

it is scripture, so it will not return void. YEA! I love that.


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participating in a miracle.

Carol directed the singing.I wrote and directed the show. Emmy kept it all together. Boom!

Carol directed the singing.
I wrote and directed the show. Emmy kept it all together. Boom!

Oh what a night.

We finally had our lhkidz choir christmas musical, Walk of Love.

With songs from the Christmas Shoe Tree Musical by Jeff Slaughter (Can’t Stop the Shoes, Christmas Wrappin’, Heaven and Nature Medley and Walk of Love) , and a song by Randall Goodgame (The Camel Song), a song from childhood (I Just Wanna Be a Sheep) and a song I wrote with Ben and Cara (Born to Set Me Free)

and a story about a group of kids that are tired of hearing the “lesson” in everything only to discover that one of their friends has never taken a walk of love to Jesus…

the lhkidz choir was on an evangelistic mission. we were fully aware of the warfare that was going to challenge us. we were prayerful every practice and in our performance that we would point people to the truth about Jesus. we were intentional about singing our testimony and evangelism… before the performance tonite i told them “this is it guys, we’re going to battle. you are going to sing your testimony and ask people to follow Jesus in their own walk of love. we are going to witness, give our testimony by the words we sing. Jason Underhill wrapped the show by asking if anyone in the audience wanted to take their own  Walk of Love to Jesus.

The kids were amazing… and the women leading them, well, i just couldn’t be more grateful. (carol goad was our fearless choir director and dianne schneider taught and directed our choreography)

the cold cut homies made a special appearance in our videos and in our live show! swag!

as for MEDIA: …. Greg Saffles delighted us with some rockin’ black light action, as well as other loveliness. Tyler Hirth and Emmy Hendrick made sure the videos and lyrics rolled when they were supposed to roll, and the cameras were zooming in on the beloved faces of our choir members. Jeremy Brown managed all of our audio needs with his expert-ness (i’m sure that’s a word). Beau Hoffman served as our adult actor in the filmed portions, as well as providing accompaniment for the sheep song… Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman and Chris Long shot the videos for our drama element and Dakota Diel edited the pieces together. Not to mention the organization on the front end, and along the way, by Jason Dyba. Talk about your team effort!

for the performance, parents and families … friends and supporters filled the room with excitement and participation. Many of our treehouse hosts were there, rooting on the kids that come to their treehouses.

it was a spectacular evening. Our next generation minister, Jeff Lovingood, was cheering us on… as well as David landrith, Lance Taylor, Derek Hazelet and Jordan Easley. Our women’s minister, Julie Woodruff was there… it was such a blessing to share this experience with so many people in our church.

i can’t believe i get to do this for my job. find as many ways as i possibly can to tell the eternal story of christ… i have been amazed lately, by God’s kindness to allow me to participate in some of His miracles. I love my job. So much.

Can’t wait to start working on the next one! After I get everything ready for Sunday… and then wednesday… and… well- you get the drift.

What miracles are you participating in right now?


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i went to war

with some lhkidz tonite.

we were recording the video elements for our upcoming musical…

before it started, i talked with the 26 kids that were about to perform.

you see, we were about to tell a story that would point everyone who hears it straight to Jesus.

So, i warned them. I warned them that this would not be fun, we were going to go to work. We were about to spend several hours together, tedious hours.

Filming is hard work. I shared with them that what we were doing was going to point people to Jesus. We were going to ask people to take a WALK OF LOVE. this is the title of one of the songs in the musical, written by my friend Jeff Slaughter.

It is an amazing song, and drives home every point we wanted to make. We want people to see what Jesus did when He walked up calvary’s hill with a cross on His back that would be used to kill him… he did it for them, for us… and we are going to give people a chance to walk to Him. This was going to be a battle of epic spiritual proportions.

I told them this… “We are going to battle. And the enemy is not going to like it. Be prepared ahead of time to choose to honor God. When you are quiet when you supposed to be… this is an act of obedience. When you say the words you are supposed to say… this is an act of worship. Are you guys ready to go to battle with me?”

They said yes. Then we prayed.

We asked God to be with us as we went to battle. We asked Him to give us a supernatural ability to be what he wanted us to be. 

As we started filming, I was astounded. God gave us a yes to our prayer. The kids… all 26 of them (what?!)… listened and performed. Those with lines were amazing. They knew their lines. They delivered.

Those that didn’t have lines had an even harder job, to stay engaged the whole time. And they did it.

There were a couple of times where we paused and I reminded them we were in a battle… we even stopped and prayed once (maybe twice). We had gotten to the point of the story where we were going to be bringing home the truth… and it was getting tough. I reminded them that we were expecting this and asked them why they thought it was happening… they knew the answer… it was the enemy. 

When I tell you that we had victory in Jesus, I am not exaggerating. Through all four hours of our shoot (yes, it ran over an hour… it always does, remember how i said filming was hard work? These kids were ready for it. They were respectful, honoring and I couldn’t have been more grateful to God in His kindness towards us. 

The film crew… wow. We had done the planning and prep ahead of time, but it is still hard. Tyler Scott, Brian Zimmerman and Chris Long were patient, diligent, and wonderful. I know that they were pulling for us, and gave us their very best, to the very end. They came early in the morning to set everything up, then stayed to break it all down. I pray that the hours they invested in our project are returned to them in multiplication (only God can do that) S/O to Sam Cowden for his audio assistance, too… even though I called him Zac.

Our long hollow creative director, Jason Dyba, made it happen for us, and held multiple meetings with us to ensure we would have what we needed. Even stopped by a couple of times, to the delight of my cast… who greeted him with “IT’S PETER PARKER!”

It’s in Dakota Diel‘s hands now. He will be editing the footage and audio… so please pray for Him. There are a lot of bits and pieces to weave together. 

Long Hollow loves kids. In case you missed what just happened in the last three paragraphs, please allow me to break it down. the long hollow creative team gave us the best of the best and will make our project fly.

Something else really special happened … local rap group and long hollow students, the COLD CUT HOMIES (Quint Collins, Noah Hamilton, Josh Landrith and Sam Lindsey) joined us for our project. They came to our last choir rehearsal. They came tonite to play their part in the video portion. And they will join us for the live performance on Dec. 2. The kids were and are so stoked. 

This was not easy. This was a different kind of fun. It was hard work. It was a spiritual victory.

We went to battle… and God gave us victory in our process.

All of these pieces and people were giving offerings of worship.

The video shoot was our act of worship today.

What is going to be your act of worship today?



tyler scott multi-tasking like a boss! 

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“i want to help God”

before we took our offering …

each heart represents an offering given for Samedy’s Heart

Got this tweet from a parent/servant/leader leigh clark: 

@rbcwrites @lhkidz thankful for a church who shows tangible love. My kindergartener told me last night “I’m going to help God, help Samdey”

This week we launched an awesome offering plan to raise money for Samedy. I already blogged about it so i won’t repeat it… but i know this. after sunday… every kids at long hollow knows who samedy is… and they want to help his heart.

this little one said they wanted to help God help Samedy.

it echoes something i’ve been thinking about since i got to back from haiti in the spring.

God is going to do what God is going to do.

Miracles are happening.

You choose if you want to participate.

What miracles are you “helping” God do today?

here is samedy’s story: https://vimeo.com/52202592

and here is a song about what it means to be wrecked: https://vimeo.com/52198441

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