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SWAG!! kidmin

Imagetoday we started an amazing series. the swag series.

SWAG stands for Spiritual Warrior Academy of God – Princess Heart Pockets and Bobo Ukelele Handsome are learning scripture and their bibles, so they will be ready to fight the enemy. LHKIDZ are learning alongside them. 

i’m so stoked for this project, but also, knowing that there will be warfare.

we are ready for it… 

here’s the link, if you want to watch the first episode…

the teacher comes on live, after they watch this, and tells the story of Nehemiah.

Our new Armor of God song is awesome too! email if you want me to send it to you. it’s called FIGHT! 

so fun!

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everybody’s got a story

this week i was thrilled to spend a 3 hour lunch learning someone’s story… our time together was treasured. tami, so glad we are friends.

every week i work at long hollow trying to find the most effective ways to help kids understand their personal story, and the way they fit into the eternal story of Christ.

next week i’m going to a STORY conference.

my friend, mike hurst, wrote a song for me (well for the LH KIDZ at my behest) EVERYBODY’s GOT A STORY. (working on getting a download option for you… you are going to love it. i know it do!!)

are you detecting a theme? tell me no stories… i’ll tell you no lies.

the song that mike wrote stemmed from a conversation we were having about love. my team had been talking about how we wanted to focus on LOVING the kids at long hollow. we want to have an atmosphere of LOVE. people have hard lives, kids are not immune to this, in fact, many times, kids get the brunt of it because they pay the price for adult choices. but you know what, that’s part of their story. part of the fabric of their lives… and how they fit into the savior’s plan for them.

(the song was to be a sort of cats in the cradle type thing pointing out that even though you think things are ok on the surface… everybody’s got a story, and if you knew them you’d be kinder to them)

we want the adults that are interacting with the kids to understand and realize that these are people with pain, and joy. some have lost a pet, some have a parent that has died or abandoned them, some are being bullied every day at school and no one knows. we want to show love, because we have been loved. we want to learn what is going on  with each kid. to this end… we changed our entire structure on sunday mornings. we took a huge leap of faith, that we would have leaders to meet the need we supposed was coming. we made it our mission that every kid at long hollow would have a person that knows their story. who they are. who the people are in their lives. what is causing them joy, what is causing them pain… we want them to know they are loved…

and here is why.

when they know that they are loved here on earth… it is easier to believe that they are loved by someone that they cannot see.

we are ambassadors, and do not take it lightly. and it’s all part of our personal story.

do you want your story to be something morbid like BLACK SWAN? or do you want to be victorious and overcome obstacles like ROCKY?

i would love for you to tell YOURstory on a new website. you will find the link here: http://www.hisismine.com/beta

and then I want you to listen to other stories. find out what people are going through. and love them. because you are loved.


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