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i love a new venue

when my friend alisha said she would fill in on a writer’s round… she didn’t realize it was in monteagle… Image

i’m so glad i didn’t know.

because we decided to go, before we knew how long it would take. (it was only 1.5 hours).

we got to have a little girl-chatting, belly-laughing, song-singing mini- girl trip by accident.

it was so fun…

then we got there. WOW. what a place! the smokehouse goes on FOREVER… it is charming, enchanting, special, preserved, and accessible… you should go. there are local products, country flavored items, a delicious raspberry barbque sauce. then, in the restaurant is this wonderful stage, wrapped with antique instruments and candles. what an experience!

and alisha got to sing 5 songs. i love her stories and her voice. so i love getting to hear her sing live. and people always really dig it, which is fun. i got to see her do what she loves to do, which is such a moment… 

then we got to drive home and relive the whole thing.

there’s so much good about it. i think i’ll have to just write a song about it.

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the shirt off my back and a recent epiphany


i have seen something that i can’t wait to share.

i love when excellence reigns where God resides.


My friend, extraordinary singer/songwriter (and more importantly human being) Randall goodgame has wrapped all of his talent, wisdom and knowledge around the inerrant word of God. He has taken some beautiful lessons from God and surrounded them with melody and timing that give them yet a new life… God’s word is a living thing.*

He has honored God with the choice to make an entire album of songs, with scripture-only verses and chorus. And thank the LORD… because it’s freaking awesome.


TWO SHIRTS is a song about serving others. It is about what is really important in eternity. It teaches selflessness, love and sharing. The enchanting melody places it firmly in your mind and heart, where it can change you from the inside out. I’m so thankful to have this song in the hard drive of my mind, to recall when I’m struggling with any of these things, and so grateful that my kids will have it too.



(luke 3:11)

anyone who has two shirts, should share with the one who has none.

anyone who has food should do the same

(mark 9:35)

anyone who wants to be first, must be the very last

and the servant of all, the servant of all


(matthew 6:19-21)

do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth

where moth and rust destroy

where theives break in and steal

store up for yourselves treasures in heaven

for where your treasure is, there your heart will be

*my recent epiphany:

i was talking to a friend about my job. i’m a kids creative minister. i usually say “i get to find as many ways as i possibly can to tell an eternal story that everyone already knows.” what hit me when i was talking to my friend is that the bible really is a living thing. how else could we continue to find new ways to share it’s truths? it’s a mindblowing realization to me.

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when claps are a good thing


i have been wanting to write a song…

i called my friend curt campbell. we met while i was directing a school talent show and he was playing guitar for his daughter. we talked about songwriting and he wrote a song for me for last summer’s vbs. this time, i asked if he wanted to write a song with me. i wanted a song about a treehouse for our spring musical… and to use in our treehouses during the weekend worship experiences. i wanted something acoustic-y, earthy, organic.

I’ve talked before about God’s kindnesses to me. This was a big one. Not only did I get to write a song with Curt… but we got to produce the song tonite. It was magical. I wasn’t sure how the producing was going to happen… then i went to Haiti. While I was in Haiti I got to know Jeremy Brown… one of our long hollow team members who was along to be the audio engineer on a new singing project that Gerald has with the orphans. I’ve known Jeremy, of course, because we work together… but I had no idea the big bag of talents he was carrying around inside. I learned that he produces songs at his dad’s studio in Goodlettsville.

I shared the song with him and asked if he would produce the song… he shared it with his dad… who happens to be Jim “Moose” Brown, known for a little song he wrote called “5 o’clock somewhere” as well as playing keys on many country artists’ records (brad paisley, jamey johnson… the list goes on and on) and he can play a ton of other instruments, as well. His dad agreed to play for our record. (is it called a record?).

the night was full of wonderful surprises. Curt played two acoustic guitars. Jeremy played the drums and tambourine. Moose played the keys, guitar, mandolin. Josh played the bass, another electric guitar and came up with a great hook for the song. It was unbelievable to watch them navigate the studio and the instruments. It was a beautiful ballet of motion wrapped in a cloud of kindness. The mellow vibe, and the way this family interacts with each other is a lesson in love. The encouragement for each other was constant… and obviously something that is natural for them. Laura, Jeremy’s wife kept me company as all the musicians were doing their things… patiently and adoringly of her beloved family.

i got to play for a minute when we added handclaps. woo hoo. it was a magical night. the song is sooo much more than i ever imagined. the care that they took with the song was humbling and i am so grateful. isn’t that just like God… to give exceedingly, abundantly… i’m still in disbelief that this just happened.

the song is wonderful. the instruments are layer upon layer of awesome. the message of the song is just what i was hoping for, and even more than i thought to hope for. it invites you in… the only requirement is that everybody love everybody… i just love that.

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