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a great day in country music

yesterday was a magical music day.
woke up and had a cowrite with a new cowriter… aaron raitiere. he’s been writing for ages, just new for us to write together. we were vibing and got a great song in 2 hours… the best part, we already decided do it again because it was so enjoyable.


because I was ahead of schedule, I got to go watch one of my favorite voices in town sing … ( I’ve tried before, but could never make it before the end of his gig) Steven clawson, well done friend. it was a privilege to sit by myself for two hours and listen without interruption. what an artist!


then, my friend and one of my favorite people and co-writers, Adam Wheeler, had a gig at the Bluebird Cafe.
I wasn’t able to get tickets online (they sell out so fast) but got Quint and we went down there at 4:40… to hope for the best. Well… we were too far back in the line but Adam worked it our for us to make it in (his cousin Courtney gave us her spot).

got to see my hometown friend Julie Forester sing in the round(which is always amazing)… and then, Adam sang one of the songs we wrote with Jordan Reynolds. people seemed to really like it. also got to listen to Kellys Collins and John Milstead… and a surprise performance from Liz Hengber.

And, I had the best time with my son.

gosh. I’m overwhelmed with the goodness of this place and the magic of country music. God was so kind to me yesterday and I’m so grateful.





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i love a new venue

when my friend alisha said she would fill in on a writer’s round… she didn’t realize it was in monteagle… Image

i’m so glad i didn’t know.

because we decided to go, before we knew how long it would take. (it was only 1.5 hours).

we got to have a little girl-chatting, belly-laughing, song-singing mini- girl trip by accident.

it was so fun…

then we got there. WOW. what a place! the smokehouse goes on FOREVER… it is charming, enchanting, special, preserved, and accessible… you should go. there are local products, country flavored items, a delicious raspberry barbque sauce. then, in the restaurant is this wonderful stage, wrapped with antique instruments and candles. what an experience!

and alisha got to sing 5 songs. i love her stories and her voice. so i love getting to hear her sing live. and people always really dig it, which is fun. i got to see her do what she loves to do, which is such a moment… 

then we got to drive home and relive the whole thing.

there’s so much good about it. i think i’ll have to just write a song about it.

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so those are the crown jewels…

Imageman, i love this place… nashville. this store… this whole area. just love it. 

my friend marcy is making the most gorgeous hand-painted cowboy boots… they are something to see. works of art. we got to spend the day planning how to brand this exciting new project. 

i have been a photographer off and on over the years – and i like it, for sure, but it is not my passion or favorite thing that i get to do… so i called an expert! josh hendrick (who took our family christmas portraits) met us and we took all 9 pairs of boots and ourselves off to Gruhn Guitars. Every musician we talked to told us that was THE place to go … after awhile shooting on the main level, the amazing people at Gruhn invited us to go upstairs … to the “inner sanctum” … the instruments that we encountered in this room were astounding…  price tags were shocking, but even more than that the history that was represented in this room! it was an honor, and privilege to hang out here, and it was honestly – a place worthy of the genius of the boots… wait until i can show you the boots! wow!! 

we were all a little quiet while we navigated the room because we didn’t want to mess anything up, but also, we recognized the sacred nature of the moment… and soaked it in. marcy said it best, “i feel like we just saw the crown jewels of nashville”.

so grateful to Gruhn for allowing us to hang in their space.

so grateful to Josh for taking over the photography tasks into his much more capable hands. 

so grateful to get to help my friend bring her dream to life.

so grateful i got to see the crown jewels of nashville 🙂

more than any of that, so grateful to spend time with my amazing artistic as-scattered-as-me friend! 


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the picture doesn’t even begin to tell the story

nashville area kidmin christmas gathering.

nashville area kidmin christmas gathering.

because how would you guess that this picture represents a network of about 120 members… these are kid ministers from all over the nashville area.

we have a group that was started about a year and a half ago… give or take. and we meet monthly to encourage each other, get new ideas and basically to remind ourselves that we are all on the same team. we are all teaching the truth of Jesus Christ to the kids in our care. we are not in competition. we are not jealous or envious. we are fully supportive of one another’s efforts. and we are blessed.

i don’t know of other cities that have similar communities, but they should!

it’s so good to drive past a church that isn’t yours and feel connected to it, because you know the person there that is doing your same job. it is great to know that the kids we aren’t reaching have other people nearby to tell them the gospel.

i love this group of people. this year at christmas we painted ornaments, then wrote the name of our church on the back. each person picked a different ornament than their own, and commited to pray for that church for the next year (or indefinitely). so, i pray for Rolling Hills Baptist Church, i got their ornament. i posted a question to ask who had been praying and within 4 minutes, 3 people have already responded with the name of the church they are praying for.

that’s what it’s all about friends. working together for the good of the gospel. holding each other up in prayer.

i love it. that’s worthy networking.

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experience you really don’t want to miss. 4 a limited time.

what does that even mean?

beside myself?


it must mean that it will take at least two of my selves to absorb the joy.

when you listen to this new song that I’ve written with my friend and co-writer curt campbell you might understand why.


(btw… i think musicians should be listed as cowriters when they create something this amazing…. if that were to happen this is the list:

robyn collins (me), curt campbell … musicians: jim “moose” brown, josh brown, jeremy brown, jordan kyle reynolds

then the singers brought it home: jordan kyle reynolds and haley hamilton.

I love this song.

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today was vand-tastic! holla!!

fun story… i took graduation pictures for this guy 4 years ago in texas at PCA. today i shot pictures at his graduation from vanderbilt in biomedical engineering. as with the last time… i was in an almost-state-of-tears the whole time. the way this family loves each other is compelling and so palpable. and the way that stephen loves people is obvious by the sheer number of people that greet him with a bear hug. he leaves each one with a smile and many times an “i love you”. i would hope that people would see me coming and feel like these people felt when they saw stephen. what an honor to be part of their day and capture all of the joy that they share and spread as a family.  the hollabaughs at the strawberry and champagne reception

do people feel better after they are with you?

they do when they spend one minute with this guy!

how can you focus on loving others wholly today?

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oh blissdom. you and jon acuff gave so much.

my version of notes from Jon Acuff's (author of QUITTER) compelling presentation at Blissdom

typically my notetaking looks a little different from most, never more than amidst the creativity of Blissdom keynote speaker, Jon Acuff's presentation.

blissdom is essentially a blogger’s conference that i was fortunate enough to attend with my friend Tami Heim. i figured i would learn some things and be either inspired or intimidated to grow my blog. i had no idea that i would leave with some great new friends… like great great friends. like women i want to learn from and laugh with and hang out with… write with… (sue duffield, dedra herod, jennifer deshler, michelle sarabia, susan mayo, vanessa mcgee)

i also didn’t know what it would be like to run into some of the people whose blogs i’ve been enjoying for over a year and  have been following on twitter but didn’t know like Jean V’ant Hul (Artful Parent or @artfulparent),

and while i already loved jon acuff and have read so much of what he is written… i was still blown away with what he brought to light in the opening keynote. it really set the tone for what was too be a very rich two days. i’m not alone, more than once i heard “if that was the only thing i heard then this conference is already worth it).

In case my notetaking style is hard to follow, let me break it down:

in no particular order…

-Finding your dream is an act of recovery, the recovery of something lost. Ask yourself… what have I done in the past that I loved?

-when belittling what we have done by saying “oh it’s nothing” it insults the gift.

-listen when your child may  be saying ‘let me be your kid, not your content’

-I’ve never heard my spouse say “now, enough about me… why don’t you tweet some…?”

-Dont’ chase haters on the hi-way (don’t let one negative commenter derail you and rob your time or focus by chasing them down to find out how you can make them like you)

-others’ success does not indicate your failure.

-when you come home, hang up and arrive. (don’t walk in to the door finishing up a call, nothing is sadder than a kid that runs to see you… and you shush them because you’re on a call)

-no one has a positive internal voice. ignore the voices.

-disappoint the right people : decide who you are ok with disappointing… and stick to that list, make a list of those you are not ok with disappointing and stick to that.

-perfection is a dragon: 90% perfect and shared changes more hearts that 100% perfect that is trapped inside.

-when someone tells you what you can’t be, they affect a future they do not control.

-make time for what matters.

jon asked us to tweet “what does my voice tell me?”

i’m curious.. what does your voice tell you? what have you done that you loved?

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