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he’s going to ask me if i did it…

There’s a kid in treehouse that put me on the spot this weekend and asked me if I was going to follow through on the thing God told me to do that week.

He wanted to know if I was going to do it Monday! I told him I’d get back to him on Sunday (he’ll have to wait an extra week, though because i’m on my way to haiti at 3am in the morning) anyway… here’s what i’m going to tell him.

“so… the person God wanted me to talk to about heaven that i mentioned the other day… I talked to her today… for about 4 hours.

She already knows all about heaven and Jesus… and currently attends a Lutheran church.

here’s the thing. i know God told me to talk to her about heaven, because I had asked him and that was the name the holy spirit put in my mind.

but here’s the deal: i’m pretty sure God wanted me to talk to her… because he wanted me to care about her.

I had the time to ask so many questions and learn so much about her life. i found that we had similar taste in music and love for arts festivals and other nashvillian delights. I learned about her ambitions and hopes for the future. i heard about her relationships. i found a million things to like about her…

i think he really wanted me to talk to her, because he wanted me to have a heart for her.”

so after i say all of that… i’m going to ask that boy in treehouse one more question

“who does God want you to have a heart for today?”

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